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A Few Days Postpartum Can Use Body Shaping Clothes, Two Months Postpartum Accidentally Shoot a Littl

Women are those who please themselves. From a long time ago, women loved beauty. With the continuous changes of the times, this characteristic of women has not changed. Women are still a group that loves beauty. But postpartum women are very fat, so how should postpartum women recover their figure? It's useful to wear body shaping clothes. Can you use body shaping clothes a few days postpartum

The time problem of using body shaping clothes for a few days postpartum varies from person to person. Some female friends with good physical quality can wear body shaping clothes after one month postpartum. Of course, this refers to a friend who gives birth naturally. If it is a caesarean section, you need to restore the knife edge before wearing it. Otherwise, it will cause the knife edge to crack, which is very easy to cause physical injury and is not conducive to the recovery of postpartum physical and mental health. In life, after giving birth to a baby, the body can recover slowly in about a month. It is not recommended to oppress the breast in the early stage, which will bring discomfort. If necessary, you can use molded underwear after one month. It is not recommended to be too tight. Pay attention to rest in life, avoid overwork, stay up late, keep a comfortable mood, reasonably plan a light diet, avoid spicy food, exercise properly

A Few Days Postpartum Can Use Body Shaping Clothes, Two Months Postpartum Accidentally Shoot a Littl 1

when wearing body shaping clothes after delivery, pay attention to ventilation to prevent excessive heat and excessive sweat from causing wound inflammation. Pay attention to the body shaping clothes. Be sure to change them frequently and keep them dry. The time for postpartum wearing body shaping clothes should not be very long. A long time will cause physical discomfort, which will be gradually extended from a few minutes to dozens of minutes. Wear body shaping clothes for a long time. It will affect the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, because the gastrointestinal tract is mainly concentrated in the lower abdomen, which is also the place with the highest frequency of using body shaping clothes. If it is restrained and tightened for a long time, it will affect the blood circulation supply of the gastrointestinal tract. For mothers born with allergic skin, pay attention to the body shaping clothes with better materials and less allergic reaction

Two months after delivery, accidentally shoot a little bit

two months after delivery, generally now lochia has been clean, and it is OK to have a normal roommate. There is a possibility of pregnancy if you don't take contraceptive measures in the same room. There is a great chance of pregnancy in the same room during the ovulation period. The ovulation period is 14 days before your next menstruation, five days before and four days after your next menstruation. According to your description, your time in the same room is within the scope of the ovulation period, and there is a great chance of pregnancy in the same room during the ovulation period, If you don't want to get pregnant, you can take emergency contraceptives within 72 hours after your roommate, and the contraceptive effect is 98%. Two months after parturition, check whether you are pregnant. You can do a pregnancy test with the urine when you get up in the morning about half a month after parturition. You can also go to the hospital for B-ultrasound and six hormone tests to confirm whether you are pregnant. Lactation menstruation does not come, but ovulation function has been restored, so strict contraceptive measures are also needed. After childbirth, the mother's physical resistance is still very poor. In addition, the wounds of the reproductive tract still exist. Therefore, at this time, the roommate must pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of both sides, and be sure to clean the genitals before the roommate, so as not to bring external bacteria into the vagina and cause infection

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