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Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiation Protective Clothing

Radiation protection clothing is one of the necessary products for pregnant women, mainly because modern computers, mobile phones and other electronic products and equipment have radiation, which will affect human health, especially for pregnant women. In order not to affect the growth and development of the fetus, generally pregnant women will choose anti radiation clothing in order to achieve the effect of anti radiation. But are radiation suits really useful? Are there any disadvantages while preventing radiation? Now let's take a look at the expert's commentary.

Radiation protection clothing uses the loop composed of metal fibers in the clothing to generate induced current, and the induced current generates reverse electromagnetic field for shielding. In the early days, the anti radiation clothing was mainly made of metal fiber blended fabric. Now, the anti radiation clothing is mostly made of metal fiber blended fabric, which can reduce or shield electromagnetic radiation and radio wave radiation.

Some experts believe that electromagnetic radiation will enter the back of the anti radiation suit through the gap of the clothes. Because it is blocked by the anti radiation suit, these radiation cannot be reflected. After multiple reflections in the anti radiation suit, intersection and superposition will lead to the increase of radiation intensity acting on the human body. Although I think the accuracy of this statement is questionable, because there are many uncertain factors, there has been an increase in radiation intensity in the experiment.

Experts also said that among the electromagnetic radiation that people can contact, X-rays are really harmful to human body. This kind of radiation may cause ionization of substances, destroy molecules, cause variation and even induce cancer, leading to fetal malformation. For "ionizing radiation" such as X-ray, ordinary radiation protective clothing can't prevent it.

In order to be at ease, some pregnant women must wear anti radiation clothes, even 24 hours a day. Unexpectedly, anti radiation clothes will block the radiation beneficial to the human body, such as sunlight. In winter, more sun exposure for pregnant women can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and the incidence of rickets. Therefore, it is more beneficial to take off anti radiation clothes when going out.

There are different opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of radiation protection clothing, and there is almost no accurate conclusion. It is suggested that pregnant women should combine other radiation protection methods while using radiation protection clothes, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of radiation protection and maintain the normal and healthy development of the fetus.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Radiation Protective Clothing 1

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