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Are Thongs, Panties, and G-strings Inappropriate?

If you tell that it is inappropriate then it will be not appropriate. If it is inappropriate then how could it be popular? It is inappropriate, if male wears ladies thong or G-string.If anyone didn't like to wear any specific cloth, it is not mean that specific cloth is inappropriate.

I hate panty lines, I am very much comfortable to wear thong & G-string under any outfits. So it is appropriate for me

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I have an idea for a startup, but I don't know coding, what do I do?

If you wanted to build a website and you don't know that how to code then don't worry......

There are several web building sites available in marketOne of the famous website for web building is Godaddy as I know....Check Godaddy and you will get everything to make a site,

they also give

Domain nameWebsite designSecurity systemE-mail account for businessWeb serverE-commerse web designer Making blog page etc.

So you don't have to worry about coding. Best of Luck for your startup :)


What is the Russian word order?

Generally SVO, but it's not stringent. You can say or , meaning I love you. Both sound right, with the latter having more of an emphasis on the feeling of love itself. The former emphasizes the beloved person.

Also, Russian does not have definite or indefinite articles, and word order sometimes acts as a substitute. For example a phrase (train comes) is best translated as A train is coming. more corresponds to The train is coming.

In Russian, overall, switching the order of words changes the emphasis of the message


If someone asks where you live, what would you say to them?

If they seem relatively normal, I typically just tell them my city. Unless they're someone I already know well or intend to grow closer to, there's not really a need to provide more specific details. nBut if I catch a drift of any creeper vibes, I'll usually go with whatever city I want to pretend to be from at that moment. Or a simple "Earth" if I'm feeling especially terse


How do I say hello in Cuba?

Hello..!; Hi..!-Hola..!!, or Hi!, What's up?,-Que bola' Asere! el mio! nague! consorte! mi hermano! mi brother! mi amigo! compadre! compay!How's it going?- Como va todo? Que pasa? Que bola'? Todo bien?What's new?, or What's going on?-Que bola'? Dimelo?How's everything ?, How's life?- Como esta' todo? Que bola'? Dimelo?Long time no see or It's been a while.-no te veo de hace rato; pila de tiempo


Is it worth doing cybersecurity degree?

Here's my opinion. I met a guy who made 80-90k right out of school. I know another guy that never got a job in cyber security. He settled and took what he could get. I got an okay job using my degree right out of school got my masters and then I got the job I wanted right out of of school. It may not happen overnight. It can be worth it but you have to put effort in. A degree ! a good high paying job


Which is the easiest way to learn Chinese?

I'm not sure which would be the easiest.But I believe it would be better to have a Chinese environment. Go to china or a Chinese community, and try to live there would be the most direct way.The lesser but more convenient way is to have some Chinese friends who can talk to you.

There are many online language exchange apps for various language backgrounds. Choose one and try it. It's great!


Why do Australians always say 'mate'?

Mate, let me put it this way. We are a mob (slang for "a group"; "a people") that idealises equality (egalitarianism). We tend to dislike both authoritarians and the willingly servile. (Probably something to with our origins as a free range detention centre for petty criminals and political prisoners.

) "Mate" is an expression of equality, unlike "sir" or ma'am". Both of which are alright if our job calls for it. But not otherwise ;-)


Is it rude to judge your daughter's boyfriend?

It is hard for us to say. Judge him for what? For picking his nose at the dinner table? For slapping your daughter in the face? For not having a job? For the color of his skin?And rude? Depends on how you express it. Inward thoughts are only yours. Do you call him out?Honestly, this question is so vague, I do not know how you would expect to solicit a useful answer


How do we print the class name as output in Java?

In Java.lang.Class class their is a method getName() and getSimpleName(). getName() returns full name of class including package. getSimpleName() returns only class name. You can use it as AnyClass.class.getName(). If you have object of your class then you can use obj.

getClass(). getName().

Ex:String name Integer.


getName();/ name contains java.


IntegerString name Integer.


getSimpleName();/ name contains IntegerInteger i 5;String name i.getClass().getName();/ name contains java.lang.Integer


How do you greet your dog when you come home?

Its not like I have much of a choice.. the moment Rio sees me back from work, hes all over me, demanding to be petted. Theres no way I can do anything else! The next 15 minutes are exclusively for him as he pushes himself against me, collapses on his back for a belly rub, sneaking in an occasional lick and not letting me even enter the house till he determines hes had enough.Awesome creatures dogs are!!!


What language is similar to C but easier to learn?

Truly, D.No need to rely on criminals like the C maro preprocessor and makeeasy human parseable grammarpowerful template meta programming capability far beyond Csequipped with generic constraints, modules and ranges since many years, all of which are listed on the C revision roadmapReference types instead of handling directly with class pointers all the timeGarbage collection by default and optionally excluding it by manual memory management or RAII like variantsdeep immutability beside constDUB package management


What are 'Gems' (Ruby on Rails)?

RubyGems is a Ruby programming language package manager that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries (in a self-contained format called a "gem"), a tool designed to easily manage the setup of gems, and a server to distribute them.Inside gems are the following components:Code (including tests and supporting utilities)Documentationgemspec the information about a gem such as its name, version, description, authors, and homepage.For more information, you can go and check out this code convention of ruby on rails.


Has popular culture realized yet that Scarface is a horrible, campy movie?

Somehow I think yes, it has. Some like it for that some dont - some can phrase it that or similar way some dont , on both sides. Sometimes its fun to exaggerate either way and likely it depends on many things if one likes it or not or realises it or not.And theres the question what is popular culture and who belongs to it - but I dont want to be campy - this time.


If I want to become a programmer, which programming language should I know first?

You should start your Programming Journey with C/C and then you can learn other language(s). C/C will make your fundamentals strong. The best thing about C/C is pointers which will teach you about memory allocation because you get direct access to memory. You can make your own language using C/C. Languages like PHP, Python, Chrome V8 , MySQLetc are built using C/C

After learning C/C, you can then learn Java.


What is the full form of "OK"?

I have two answers. Originally, back in the 19th century, it was a bit of humorous wordplay, an abbreviation of a misspelling. The full form was oll korrect (or maybe some slightly different spelling).But nobody knows about oll korrect except people who go to the trouble to look it up. Today, we have the word okay and the two-letter term OK. I think that in the 21st century it makes sense to see okay as the full form of OK.


If one went to Australia and greeted a local, would saying "g'day mate", be considered offensive (mocking)?

No.Many years ago there was in my workplace (in Australia) a man with a strong foreign accent who would greet people G'day mate.It sounded odd in his accent and was a source of some good natured humour, but he took the jibes and became accepted and popular.I'm not saying our actions nearly three decades ago were in line with current policies, but he was never regarded as offensive or mocking. He was sincerely trying to fit in. And he did.


I'm 15 and crippled by depression and very close to giving up on life, the idea of Hell and a bad afterlife no longer scares me. All I feel like I want to do now is end my pain here on Earth. What is Hell really like and why should I be afraid of it?

I challenge you to do these things:Get some counseling and perhaps medication.2. Call a minister and ask for some answers to some questions and thenOpen the Bible and look up the things they told you about.Share your feelings with people you trust.

You are young and have not even reached adulthood. How can you give up on something as great as growing up and experiencing all life has to offer? It will only be a couple more years. You can do this!!!


What simple phrases are good for polite flirting in Serbian (female to male)?

I dont know - thats a great question actually and I havent seen it answered to my satisfaction yet ither. I think this is mostly because I dont really see women initiatate contact there just like here in Toronto.However, I have seen my girl friends give off little signals like smiling a lot at the guy and not breaking contact until he approaches and starts conversing with them. If that happens, you can drop all pretensions and just act be yourself


Are there C/C to VHDL compilers?

Yes there are... We just can't call them compilers.nIf you try Vivado HLS (from Xilinx) you'll get to describe hardware with C, C or SystemC. Once the hardware is described tou need to export the description to Vivado and that exportation will "convert" the C description into a VHDL/Verilog (on your will) description.nSo the answer to your question is yes, there are tools that export C code to VHDL description.


Is it racist to tell somebody to "go back to their own country"?

Yes, it clearly is. You might not feel this way if you were not born there, but for other people that look asian (for exemple) but are from this country, were raised there, and don't know any other, its evident.Saying go back to your country imply that, if you look asian, you can't be english. It implicitely means that you are not the same as they are.

I would consider it very racist indeed.


How does the "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed make you feel when you listen to it?

It makes me feel tired, tired and repulsed. I really like Disturbed, mostly their older stuff, but by far I would have to say that this song was not one of their best. They should stick to the heavy stuff, fast and loud. Not this whiney sound of silence s**t. I mean it might be ok if it was played around the end of the year, during the holidays, but any other time, no. Keep it heavy. That's metal


What would happen if you went back in time, killed a butterfly, and then went back into the present?

Just how far back in time? Butterfly species non-withstanding, insect in general are prolific. This compensates for their mortality rate. Now, if we targeted many, say, one hundred egg clutches from the same species of insect, ten thousand years ago, you may either find just as many of insects, or more, not less. Those who survive may develop an adaptation making the egg clutch harder to find, or worse, scatter the egg-laying process


Do you ever get these weird moments where you think, "This is real life?"?

I did between 19 and 39 a lot.....after that not so much. It is called awakenings and growing up. I might be driving in my car and I go.....Damn, wow I didn't know that. This is real. This is what it really meant. Only the evolved get these. That is your Universe that you are getting enlightenment from. You must be progressive and want to be evolved. The Universe is responding to you. Cherish this information and use it to your advantage and to help others. Bam.


Why do Albanians and Serbians dislike each other?

You are using inappropriate word. There is sure animosity and intolerance, but it is reciprocal, and it is certainly generalised. Albanians from Albania doesnt hate Serbs and Serbs doesnt hate Albanians from Albania. The problem is Kosovo that create frictions and intolerance, feed by stupid nationalism on both sides. The truth is that they are not so dissimilar as it appears, with similar mentality and similar blind stupidity that shut out possibilities of normal coexistence. I have numerous Albanian close friends and they share my opinion

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