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Bags for Longer Touring

Short answer based on the little information given I would guess two larger panniers would be enough, especially if the tent and sleeping mat is strapped on top. Watch out for the heel clearance, especially with the largest ones.Long answer and rambling: The length of the trip does not matter as much as you would might think. It really depends on how much you will going to pack. The truth is that probably a beginner will back more than an experienced bicycler tourer because you have to figure out for yourself what items and luxuries you would like and which ones are not of value to you.Make a list of the things you would like to take along. Maybe get some feedback from experienced tourers and have them review and comment on your list. Take their suggestion with a grain of salt, since it's really personal what one takes along. Then judge from that how large of a panniers you need. Do not over stuff them if possible. Not only will it be harder to get your things out of the bags but you also need some room for food purchases during your trip. Often people stop at a grocery just before the campsite to stock up on food for the night.Do not carry water in you panniers. Two or three water bottles in cages should be plenty. You wan want to take a small water bladder along if you go through the occasional area where extra water is needed (i.e. campground where drinking water is not available).Ortlib and Arkel are some popular pannier bags but really any sturdy pannier bags will work. Some people even mount kitty litter tubs as pannniers to their rack. Ortlib bags are by default rain proved but they also do not have external pockets and are not breathable. Most other bags including the Arkle need a rain cover for rain. BTW, try choosing a color that improves your visibility (yellow or red instead of black).A main thing to keep in mind is to balance the weight evenly between the sides. If carrying much you can also mount a front rack. This will also distribute the weight off your rear wheel. The goal with front racks is to keep the center of gravity low. So lowrider front racks are often preferred. Some alternatives to pannier bags are trailers (single wheeled like the bob trailer or two wheeled child trailer), frame bag (especially popular with mountain bikers in conjunction with handle bar rolls when riding narrow trails), or just tying everything onto your rack.[links are just for clarifications, not for endorsement]

Bags for Longer Touring 1

1. How to replace Alternator out (2001 Nissan Sentra) [pictures inside]

Try to get hold of a workshop manual; failing that, a Chiltons or Haynes manual for that car. I've just checked the Haynes, and it does show the Alternator replacement in some detail.A couple of major hints; firstly, you get much better access going in through the passenger wheel-well. Take the wheel off, and the plastic shield between the wheel-well and the engine compartment, and the alternator will be staring you in the face.Secondly, the alternator sits on top of the A/C Compressor. You will think you can work around it, but you can not . It has to be moved, so you can get to the alternator bolt correctly. Undo the four compressor bolts, and move the compressor out of the way - do NOT disconnect any lines to the compressor, or you will lose all refrigerant, the ozone layer will shrink a little, and somewhere, a small kitten will die (OK, not sure about the kitten)

2. identifying and labelling CAT 5 cables and sockets

Many good cable testers come with a probe. You plug one end of the cable into the tester and the separate probe unit makes a beeping noise that gets louder when you get near to the cable in question. Trust me, it saves alot of time, particularly if you have a lot of cables or (in my case) a rats nest of cables. Here's the one we use: bytebros. com/bb_tester/TVR101001000. htmAs for the labels, it depends. If you use a heat-shrink label it will be great, but it takes a while due to needing a heat gun as well, and is a bit of a pain. I normally use a dymo 5200 to print the labels in a way they can be wrapped around the cable, then put normal sellotape on top as i found the exhaust fan warm air from servers have make them peel after a while. You can get extra adhesive label rolls for it, but I've not tried those yet.

Bags for Longer Touring 2

3. does this seem like a fair price for wedding photography?

to get a photographer with a lot of wedding experience would cost you about a minimum of 1200 and on top of that you would probably be getting half of what your package includes. i know people that have paid 2500 for an experienced photographer and then ended up printing photos that one of the groomsmen took. paying a lot of money does not always guarantee quality. if you hate the engagement pictures then pull the plug on the photographer but honestly the deal she is giving you really is a steal. if you are worried she wo not get the shots you want, do some research. find examples from the web of different wedding photos or shots you would like and ask her if she could do something similar. that way you will know you will get some shots you like. besides, she wo not be the only one taking photos that day and i am sure one of the guests will probably have some good shots of you and your new husband. anyways, just make sure you know what you want out of her and communicate that clearly. i am sure it will turn out fine.

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