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Can Body Shaping Clothes Be Washed with Shower Gel

Compared with washing powder, washing clothes with shower gel is more gentle. But the cleaning force is also relatively low. When washing underwear, you can choose not only the special lotion for underwear, but also the shower gel. Can the washing of body shaping clothes be the same? So, can body shaping clothes be washed with shower gel

Can body shaping clothes be washed with shower gel

Can Body Shaping Clothes Be Washed with Shower Gel 1

wash with warm water and drip dry gently when washing. First, soak in the special lotion for women's underwear for 5-10 minutes. Avoid soaking in the detergent for too long. It is strictly prohibited to use bleach and alkaline lotion. (the amount of lotion should be appropriate. If it is too much, it will make the clothes more difficult to wash)

the water temperature of about 30 ℃ is the most appropriate, but if the underwear is stained with blood, it is not easy to wash it off with warm water. First wash the blood stains with cold water, and then melt the detergent into the water for the second time. Be careful not to wash with used sewage in order to save water, so the dirt will be more dirty when it is attached to the underwear. Finally, rinse thoroughly. Once the detergent is not washed clean, the clothes are easy to deteriorate

although they are close fitting clothes, most of the products of body shaping clothes have anti-bacterial treatment and good perspiration, so it is recommended to wash them once or twice a week. Do not use machine washing. The brassiere, back clip and plastic pants of body shaping clothes often contain steel rings, memory alloy and other metals. Machine washing will bring irreparable damage to the products, thus affecting the wearing effect

Is it good to exercise in body shaping clothes

body shaping clothes can help women achieve the effect of weight loss, so will it be better to exercise in body shaping clothes? I think this is a problem that many women who love beauty will think of. So, is it good? Next, I'll analyze it for you. In fact, wearing body shaping clothes for exercise is not effective, but will increase the burden on the body. Because in the process of exercise, not only the whole body will sweat, but also the muscles of the whole body have a great demand for blood and oxygen. Wearing body shaping clothes will seriously hinder the evaporation of sweat, increase the sense of negative fatigue and feel that breathing is not smooth. It is suggested that loose and comfortable clothes should be worn during exercise, so as to achieve the best effect of exercise

Can Body Shaping Clothes Be Washed with Shower Gel 2

wearing body shaping clothes has a certain effect. It can transfer the excess fat in various parts of the body, such as abdomen, waist, back and so on, and close it to the correct and appropriate position, so as to make the body concave and convex, so as to achieve the effect of slimming in appearance. Its body shaping clothes really play an important role in shaping women's beautiful body shape and establishing self-confidence. It can not only make women have more beautiful posture, but also make them more beautiful and confident. Therefore, for women who need to lose weight, body shaping clothes are still a better slimming product

however, it should be noted that the time for wearing body shaping clothes should not be too long, otherwise it will cause a series of bad consequences. While being beautiful, you should always pay attention to your health

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