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Can I Change My Abdominal Band and Slimming Clothes

Did everyone wear slimming clothes? Have you ever known about the abdominal band? Do you know what they do? These two kinds of functional clothes use physical effects to help control the figure, which are generally used for pregnant women who have just given birth; There are also obese people who will use it to help with body management. Then, can I change the abdominal band and slimming clothes? Which is more effective? What's the difference between the two

Can I change the abdominal band and slimming clothes?

Can I Change My Abdominal Band and Slimming Clothes 1

both the abdominal band and slimming clothes are easy to use. The abdominal band can specifically hold the stomach and reduce the fat around the waist; The whole abdominal band can shape the perfect shape. Each has its own characteristics. Postpartum mothers can choose according to their own needs, which is the best way. Abdominal band is a kind of abdominal band with the help of physical methods, which is divided into postpartum special band and non postpartum special band. The three-dimensional cutting material of slimming clothes according to the principle of ergonomics is more in line with the characteristics of human body structure, adjusts the distribution of body fat, creates a beautiful curve, and has obvious effects on breast enhancement, abdominal contraction, waist reduction, hip lifting and beautiful legs, showing women's sexy charm

if you are postpartum, you should not wear thin clothes too early. If the thin clothes are too tight, there will be a certain pressure on the abdomen, which will affect the recovery of the body. Therefore, mothers should first use the abdominal band after childbirth, bind it on the third day of natural birth, and bind it on the first day of cesarean section. After a period of time, you are allowed to wear thin clothes, and then change into thin clothes. If you give birth naturally, you can wear thin clothes after 1 month, and you have to wait 6 months for caesarean section. Excluding other factors, from the perspective of slimming, slimming clothes must be better than abdominal band

doctors usually let pregnant women wear abdominal band after giving birth. In fact, the main purpose is not to lose weight, but to prevent visceral sagging. Because the postpartum maternal body is weak, the elasticity of ligaments in the body can not be restored immediately, and it is easy for visceral sagging. Therefore, it is best for postpartum mothers to properly wear their own abdominal band to help the body support internal organs and prevent internal sagging

in addition, it is recommended that pregnant women after caesarean section wear abdominal band to stop bleeding and promote wound healing

Can I Change My Abdominal Band and Slimming Clothes 2

so you can't change clothes after childbirth, but you can change clothes for people who want to lose weight and shape

How long can I use the abdominal band and slimming clothes after parturition

abdominal band: 1. The abdominal band can be used after 3 days of spontaneous labor

during pregnancy, the uterus will become larger and the abdominal wall will be relaxed. In addition, the maternal exertion during spontaneous labor is too strong, which leads to the enlargement of the postpartum stomach and the loosening of the abdominal muscles. Therefore, it is beneficial to tie the abdominal band in time after spontaneous labor

however, do not bind the abdominal band immediately after delivery, because there is still a lot of congestion in the abdomen in a short time, and there will be lochia discharged from the vagina. Premature use of the abdominal band will limit the blood circulation in the body and affect the discharge of lochia. It is best to start using it on the third day after spontaneous labor

however, if the postpartum falling feeling is already very serious, it is best not to continue to use the abdominal band, so as not to worsen the situation and even lead to uterine prolapse

2. 10 days after caesarean section, the abdominal band

can be used for caesarean section, which is very harmful to women's uterus, and a wound will be sewn on the stomach. Therefore, the use of abdominal band is best after the wound is healed, about more than ten days after delivery. Timely use of abdominal band can not only help the recovery of lumbar and abdominal muscles, but also prevent visceral sagging, prevent wound cracking, stop bleeding and promote wound healing

however, if the abdominal band is used immediately after caesarean section, it will lead to wound infection, suppuration and itching, especially in hot summer, when the whole body perspires, sweat will invade the wound. If the abdominal band is tightly wound, the wound will be painful and itchy, seriously affecting the recovery of the body

in addition, if the mother recovers well after caesarean section, the abdominal band can not be used for a long time, especially after abdominal suture removal

3. Abdominal band can be used after 1 month of miscarriage

if you want to use abdominal band after miscarriage, it is recommended to use it after 1 month. It is best to use it after the body recovers naturally

because the abdominal band or body shaping underwear has a certain pressure on the body to tighten the fat and loose meat, the body is weak after abortion, and the function needs to be recovered naturally, which is more healthy for the internal function of the body

Slimming clothes: 1. How long can you wear slimming clothes after spontaneous labor

from the perspective of health, mothers who have spontaneous labor can wear slimming clothes after a month. It is best to use them after their body recovers, because slimming clothes have a certain pressure on the body to tighten fat and loose meat. However, they are still weak after giving birth to a child, The natural recovery of function will be more healthy for the interior of the body

2. How long can I wear slimming clothes after caesarean section

mothers of caesarean section can't wear slimming clothes until 6 months after caesarean section, because they have to wait for the wound on caesarean section to heal, the energy consumed and the role of endocrine will make the body in a high metabolic state. After caesarean section wound healing, wearing slimming clothes will effectively help the internal organs displaced during pregnancy to be classified as, It also helps to accelerate the discharge of lochia

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