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Can I Wear a Bodysuit As a Bathing Suit?

That's cute! Yes you can wear it as a one piece swimsuit and water wo not hurt it. You will be washing it in water anyway so it will be fine. If it snaps down at your crotch like some bodysuits do, just make sure you have your crotch snaps snapped tightly.

Can I Wear a Bodysuit As a Bathing Suit? 1

1. What age was your baby/toddler when you stopped using bodysuit vests with the poppers under the crotch?

About 12 months. Though my 2 year old still wears the all in one long legged ones at NIGHT. But not day

2. Sheer 3/4 sleeve bodysuit for under wedding dress?

here it is. Second skin bodysuit.. look for them in facebook

Can I Wear a Bodysuit As a Bathing Suit? 2

3. Bodysuit too short in body? Help!?

Does it close with hooks or snaps? Check at a fabric store and see if you can find a bra extender with the number of hooks you have in the crotch. If it's a snap closure, you might have to fabricate an extension yourself with snaps and a piece of spandex.

4. what should i wear with this long sleeve thong leotard/bodysuit?

I love little dresses and the true way i fix it being brief is leggings and shaded tights. Not the people with holes however the ones that virtually appear to be leggings but are obviously tights due to material

5. How can I use the bathroom with Spandex BodySuit Costume?

Unless it has a zipper in the front as opposed to the back, you may have to take off the costume and use a bathroom stall to use the toilet

6. What do you think of me wearing a cheerleading bodysuit as underwear?

i would probably wear it under something not as an actual shirt, but it is weird that you bought them, i probably woulndnt tell my parents, unless your gay, then its normal. but no i dont think you should go around telling people, theyh wont get it

7. Where can I find black strapless bodysuit or something that will cover my stomach under my cheerleading unifor

I found a nice one at Fashion bug and it was not that expensive. Worked really well under my dress in my brother's wedding

8. Is it inappropriate to wear only my cheerleading bodysuit and pantyhose around the house?

I do not think you are showing any respect to your dad or brother. Can you wear a pair of Jeans?

9. where do i find a black bodysuit?

I am pretty sure you would be able too buy one for that price at a second hand shop by the beach, they always have those shops and you might find a bodysuit there with the surfboards

10. what kind of underwear do you wear under a unitard, leotard, or bodysuit for a dance performance?

None, wear tights. Lines are ugly and can especially be seen from stage

11. What do you think of my plans for Halloween?

That sounds fun but, a little weird you are going to sleep in pantyhose and bodysuit bc that will be very uncomfortable! Also, you should not shave you legs, all the kids at school will make fun of you. And it sounds like you may be a little gay anyways so you probably do not want to draw any more attention to yourself

12. What if my friends saw me in a bodysuit and pantyhose?

If you are that worried about it change real fast before opening the door for them,as for your desire to wear the bodysuit, and pantyhose there is nothing wrong with it, if i looked good in one i would want to wear one as well

13. I'm a boy and I love to wear things like leotard, bodysuit...?

Instead of Leotards, you should try compression clothing. Lots of guyss wear this...mainly athletes...and also I do not think the main reason is because they like the appearance or how it fits but they are obviously not *against* the appearance or how it fits. You should also wear A-Shirts and Tagless Tank Tops. And many guys crop the tank tops to where the length fits like a regular shirt. You can also get smaller, snugly fitting clothes. Most guys do not mind wearing compression shorts (which is worn *under* other shorts!! but you can wear it as sleepwear) but many do not like tight fitting regular shorts and pants...usually wearing relaxed fit. Actually I am not sure what your exact *need* is, so I might be helping you too much with advice. I would say you are "a normal boy" in your words...and actually if you *do not * want to turn your body into a girl's instead of a boys then of course you are normal!! But you are probably slightly confused since I do not know of any guys that wear leotards!! You should try the clothing suggestions and perhaps they will fit okay and look okay and also um...satisfy your need. ....satisfy your need?! Hope This Helps. Have A Good Day.

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