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Can My Baby Wear a Regular Bodysuit to Sleep Or Does She Have to Wear a Sleeper?

Sure, my son has slept in onesies tons of times! As long as they are comfortable temperature wise, it does not really matter what they sleep in.

Can My Baby Wear a Regular Bodysuit to Sleep Or Does She Have to Wear a Sleeper? 1

1. Halloween costume with a vintage floral print bodysuit ?

A disco dancer

2. What to wear for nylons with bodysuit shirt & form fitting skirt?

Do you mean underneath the bodysuit so as to keep the thong panty from riding up your bum crack? Or just something to keep your legs covered and nice looking? How form fitted is the skirt? Are lines a concern? How long is the skirt? If it's below the knees, the easiest thing would be to wear knee highs, or trouser socks. If it's shorter, and lines are not a concern, then a garter belt with nylons is not a bad idea. They are a pill to put on, but if you are not fussed by the thong panty then I can not see that garters would be too troubling. If you are interested more in comfort, then pantyhose worn underneath the body suit would be a simpler choice. It will keep the thong from turning into bum-floss, and you are less likely to have lines showing. If you do, another choice would be a pair of full-body dance tights. I've never seen sheer options, but they do have nude and suntan, and you can get them with clear or opaque straps. I still use them, and I stopped dancing many years ago. You should be able to find them at any dance supply shop. I hope that helps. A bit more information would have been useful, though.

Can My Baby Wear a Regular Bodysuit to Sleep Or Does She Have to Wear a Sleeper? 2

3. What will my parents say if I wear a bodysuit and pantyhose?

Do it!! They can not legally kick you out 'til you are 18... So you have a couple years still lol

4. Where can I find a long sleeve leopard bodysuit/leotard?

No, because leopard skin has black and you should not ever wear dark blue with black. A deep red would work. Not dark blue

5. I recently flew to Europe, wearing a tight black turtleneck bodysuit (leotard), boot cut jeans and suede booties. I got a few stares - why?

Suede booties that's why

6. Why Do Girls/Women Wear The Stockings/Fishnets/Tights Under Their Leotard,Bodysuit & Skating Dress?

for some reason, this question realllly annoyed me by the end. they wear them under so theyll stay on better and you do not have a bunch of fabric at your hips from the tights. if you know what i mean. we wear underwear. simple as that. different styles but usually people have it on.

7. Is it inappropriate to wear only my cheerleading bodysuit and pantyhose around the house?

maybe put on something over because u have a brother. dad too. but if they dont car they do whatever u want!!

8. Sheer 3/4 sleeve bodysuit for under wedding dress?

I've seen the dresses MADE w/ the sheer bodice above the strapless gown, but never an actual bodysuit. Try the lingerie at Visctorias Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood.....for sme reason I remember seeing a sheer bodysuit on a site like that. ...could have been eons ago tho.

9. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

from what, the only place i would wear a body suit is surfing. I would rebel and rebel, and probably rebel some more. It's the only way to teach her

10. Where can I find black strapless bodysuit or something that will cover my stomach under my cheerleading unifor

You could find those at Wal-mart and Target, but since you will be really active in them and wearing them all the time, I suggest you invest in a really sturdy, reliable one. Look at Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood for some cute and sexy ones. Maidenform might be a better choice for plainer ones that will do the job just as well.

11. Do you wear a bodysuit to class?

a bodysuit is only one form that is very common but others are ballet - tights and a leo maybe shorts tap - same for ballet or shirt and tight pants jazz - same for ballet or leo with jazz pants contemporary - same as ballet or a dress thing but body suits are okay but might make you sweat more

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