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Can Pregnant Women Wear Slimming Clothes

Pregnant women can't wear slimming clothes because they have a large stomach. Therefore, if the slimming clothes they wear are oppressive to the children in their stomach and not conducive to the growth of the children, we can recover after postpartum and then wear slimming clothes to reduce weight, but we should also pay attention to an appropriate amount and don't do strenuous exercise. Can pregnant women wear slimming clothes?

can pregnant women wear slimming clothes?

Can Pregnant Women Wear Slimming Clothes 1

it is best not to use slimming clothes during pregnancy. You can choose to use them after postpartum recovery. If you need to wear slimming clothes due to work or other factors, you should also strictly control the wearing time. You can wear jeans and body shaping clothes when you are just pregnant, but you should wear loose and comfortable clothes after three months of pregnancy, and your underwear should also wear loose cotton, which has better air permeability. It is recommended to pay attention to rest in early pregnancy, avoid fatigue, keep a comfortable mood and stay away from harmful environment. Take folic acid orally in the first three months of pregnancy and do prenatal examination regularly

this tight dress will restrict the lower abdomen, which is unfavorable to the development of fetus and gestational sac, and it is also easy to cause accidental abortion. You can't wear it. Not recommended. Five months pregnant. It is recommended to wear maternity pants. Limit your baby's development. This is not good. You can wear body shaping clothes when you are pregnant. If your baby is developing and has an impact on your baby, don't wear body shaping clothes. No, it's bad for the fetus. It's best to wear loose cotton underwear

don't pass on tight clothes. There are many reasons for infertility. Female factors: vaginitis, cervicitis, increased cervical mucus caused by cervical erosion, and sperm is difficult to penetrate; The damage of endometrium caused by repeated abortion and drug flow is that the endometrium is uneven, or the thinned embryo is difficult to implant; Then there is adnexitis, which leads to tubal blockage, sperm and eggs can not combine, leading to infertility; Menstrual disorders lead to ovarian anovulation or poor follicular development, excessive follicles, etc; Polycystic ovary is also one of the reasons; Immune factors, such as Toxoplasma gondii virus and rubella virus; Physiological factors, such as immature uterus, residual horn uterus, double uterus, etc; Endocrine factors, endocrine regulation disorders, male factors, sperm quality, sperm survival rate and motility, whether there are obstacles to insemination, dead sperm and azoospermia, etc.

generally, wearing body shaping clothes for a long time during pregnancy will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and too tight clothes will limit the growth of the fetus. It is recommended that you wear some loose and comfortable clothes this month, which is conducive to the development of the fetus. Uterine involution takes some time, so don't wear thin clothes or tight clothes too early to avoid affecting uterine recovery. After one month, you should pay attention to recheck to understand the physical recovery, recover well, and then restore your living habits before pregnancy

Can Pregnant Women Wear Slimming Clothes 2

body shaping clothes must not be worn to avoid deformity or abortion. It is recommended to wear loose clothes. No, due to the change of the normal position of reproductive organs, the pelvic blood flow is not smooth and the resistance decreases, which is easy to cause various gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis and pelvic blood stasis syndrome, which seriously affects the health of pregnant women. So it usually takes three to six months to wear it after the uterus returns to normal. Generally speaking, women who give birth naturally and those who give birth by caesarean section should be able to use body shaping clothes after their bodies recover. Because body shaping clothes have a certain binding effect, it is suggested that women should wait until their bodies recover to prevent discomfort. Of course, pregnant women can't wear it for a long time to prevent adverse reactions

What precautions do pregnant women have

1. Don't take medicine indiscriminately for a cold

indomethacin is a contraindicated antipyretic drug for pregnant women, and aspirin should not be used after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Antibiotics. If pregnant women have a cold and there is no clear evidence of bacterial infection, such as tonsillitis, high blood pressure, yellow sputum, runny nose, etc., antibiotics can not be used. Expectorant and antitussive drugs are generally safe, but iodine containing antitussive drugs should not be used by pregnant women

2. What to do with diarrhea in pregnant women

diarrhea in pregnant women may lead to abortion or premature delivery. First of all, don't eat for the time being, conduct appropriate rehydration, supplement the water and electrolyte lost due to diarrhea, especially potassium ions, and supplement the lost calories. You can prepare some fluid digestible porridge for pregnant women. If it is not very serious, it would be better to have an empty stomach. While rehydrating, we should closely observe whether the condition of the fetus is good and whether there are signs of abortion or premature delivery. If the condition of the fetus is abnormal, go to the hospital immediately without carelessness

3. Correct sleeping position during pregnancy

in the early stage of pregnancy (1 3 months), pregnant women can sleep freely, mainly in comfortable positions, such as supine position and lateral position. If you sleep on your stomach, or sleep with something in your arms, you should change your bad sleeping posture

in the second trimester of pregnancy (4 7 months), attention should be paid to protecting the abdomen and avoiding the direct effect of external force. If pregnant women have too much amniotic fluid or twin pregnancy, they should sleep in a lateral position, which can make pregnant women more comfortable. If pregnant women feel their lower limbs heavy, they can take the supine position and raise their lower limbs slightly with a soft pillow

in the third trimester of pregnancy (8 10 months), the left lying position should be adopted. This lying position can correct and increase the right rotation of the uterus, reduce the compression of the uterus on the abdominal aorta and iliac artery, increase the blood supply to the fetus, and is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus

4. Take a bath

after pregnancy, the sweat and sebaceous glands will secrete vigorously, which is easy to sweat. Therefore, pregnant women should take a bath frequently and change clothes frequently to reduce skin diseases. However, the following matters should be paid attention to when bathing:

the bathing time should not be too long: when bathing, due to poor ventilation, turbid air and high humidity in the bathroom, the oxygen content in the air will be reduced. Coupled with the stimulation of hot water, the blood vessels in the human body will expand and faint when bathing. If pregnant women take a bath for too long, in addition to the above, it will also cause fetal hypoxia. Therefore, the general time for pregnant women to take a bath should not exceed 15 minutes, or the pregnant women themselves do not have dizziness and chest tightness

avoid sitting bath when pregnant women take a bath: it is unfavorable for women to take a bath and sit bath. The dirty water after sitting bath may enter the vagina, and the disease prevention ability of the vagina is weakened, which is easy to cause cervicitis, adnexitis, and even intrauterine or vulvar infection, resulting in premature birth. Don't go to the public bath

the water temperature should not be too high: according to the research of relevant experts, the excessive bathing water temperature of pregnant women will affect the development of fetal brain. Of course, when hot water increases the temperature of pregnant women by 1.5 degrees compared with the normal temperature, the development of fetal brain cells may stagnate. When it rises to 3 degrees, fetal brain cells are in danger of being killed. Therefore, the bath water temperature of pregnant women should not be too high

5. Precautions for pregnant women watching TV

do not watch TV close: pregnant mothers should be more than 2m away from the TV

do not watch TV for a long time: generally, pregnant mothers should not watch TV for more than 2 hours at a time, and avoid excessive use of eyes, especially pregnant mothers with pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome

do not watch horror, tension and tragic programs. These programs will make pregnant mothers nervous and a special substance appears in their blood, which will bring it to the fetus through the placenta and make the fetus uneasy

6. You can't eat nearly 100 kinds of food during pregnancy

it's very important for women to eat nutritious food since preparing for pregnancy. Once pregnant, a pregnant woman must take all the nutrients she and her fetus need. During pregnancy, pregnant women generally avoid eating animal high-fat foods such as fat meat, lard and chicken oil; Avoid chili, clove, fennel, onion, ginger, mustard, tobacco and alcohol, which are hot and spicy; Avoid eating persimmons, persimmons, snails, snails, crabs, mussels, clams and all kinds of cold cold drinks; Avoid salted fish, pickles, pickles, bacon and other salty and high salt foods; Avoid kumquat cake, raw radish, sunflower, strong tea, cocoa, sea dragon, seahorse and other pneumatic blood consuming foods; You should also avoid sweets, wine, preserves, caramel, white sugar, rock sugar, honey, desserts and other sweet things; Avoid glutinous rice, Ciba, longan meat, litchi, jujube and other sticky and greasy foods; Avoid snails, snails, mussels and other indigestible foods

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