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Do You Have to Wear Shaping Clothes After Prosthetic Breast Augmentation?

Prosthetic breast augmentation generally needs to wear body shaping clothes. Whether to wear body shaping clothes or listen to the doctor's advice. Most people wear plastic clothes for one month after breast augmentation. This can not only fix the chest shape, but also make the chest look more straight and natural due to the special material of the shaping clothes

Do You Have to Wear Shaping Clothes After Prosthetic Breast Augmentation? 1

in the early stage of recovery, it generally needs to be worn for 24 hours. The specific length of wear depends on everyone's chest recovery. Therefore, we must do a good job in nursing, try not to mention heavy things and do strenuous exercise, which will slow down the recovery, and there may be prosthesis rupture and displacement. After finishing the cat girl's chest in our hospital, the president will instruct the matters needing attention after the operation, including how long to wear the body shaping clothes. In order to recover the chest better and faster, we must listen to professional suggestions

after the chest condition is basically stable, beauty seekers can choose ordinary underwear according to the situation, and do not wear underwear with steel rings, because too tight underwear with steel rings may cause prosthesis displacement, compress the chest, lead to poor peripheral blood circulation, and may cause capsule contracture

one year after prosthetic breast augmentation, beauty seekers can wear any style of underwear they like

Do You Have to Wear Shaping Clothes After Prosthetic Breast Augmentation? 2

it is suggested that when choosing shaping clothes, you must choose appropriate ones. You must not choose too tight ones. Although the shaping effect is good, too tight ones will still cause some damage to the body. When you wear shaping clothes, you must wear elastic shaping clothes

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