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Do You Wear a Bodysuit to Class?

a bodysuit is only one form that is very common but others are ballet - tights and a leo maybe shorts tap - same for ballet or shirt and tight pants jazz - same for ballet or leo with jazz pants contemporary - same as ballet or a dress thing but body suits are okay but might make you sweat more

Do You Wear a Bodysuit to Class? 1

1. Where can I find a black bodysuit like this for a costume?

I have no idea just called to say hi

2. what should i wear with this long sleeve thong leotard/bodysuit?

I love little dresses and the true way i fix it being brief is leggings and shaded tights. Not the people with holes however the ones that virtually appear to be leggings but are obviously tights due to material

Do You Wear a Bodysuit to Class? 2

3. GIRLS , i wanna buy myself a bodysuit from victoria secret, (blousepanties), anyone wore it before? is it com

It's not overly comfy.. but I like it

4. Can I get a girl to rub my legs in pantyhose and my back in a bodysuit?

'Excuse me, would you care to massage me whilst I wear a bodysuit and tights?' 'Why of course, there's nothing abnormal about that. Margaret, fetch the massage oils!'

5. i just bought my first bodysuit and i was wandering are u suppose to wear panties under them or no.?

noo i do not wear it

6. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

This is unbelievable!!! I am honestly pretty shocked right now. I've never heard of anyone wearing bodysuits/leotards for anything other than gymnastics or dance class! I can only imagine how annoying, itchy, hot and confining it feels....especially under clothes! How is this for "your best" if you are uncomfortable? Not only would I not make my daughters wear this, I would not let them do it IF THEY WANTED TO. This is quite ridiculous. You should wear a bra and underwear under your clothes....not a bodysuit!! That is ludicrous! Tell her you are very uncomfortable and just do not wear it. I would tell a school official what is going on, if the situation gets too bad. You should not be forced to wear it. Best of luck to you.

7. How To Style a Bodysuit

Lately I have been L-O-V-I-N-G bodysuits, which takes me back to 6th grade when leotards were all the rage. I am not so secretly elated this trend is back because bodysuits easily make an outfit look pulled together and tucked in with zero effort. Well, not zero, because there's definitely some effort and coordination skills required when it comes time to use the ladies room. But, you get the idea. Bodysuits can be I love the way they just disappear into pants or a skirt with no wrinkling of a tuck-in or indication of an ending. They hug the body in a way that moves with you and is so second skin. I personally like balancing out this tightness with something looser to add dimension and keep an outfit from feeling like a unitard. I was recently at Nordstrom in the lingerie section looking for a last minute plunging strapless bra to go with a sheer dress (a result of my recent lingerie collection purge) and I saw so many fabulous bodysuits. They are, after all, more of an undergarment in many ways, but I think that's why I love them worn as the center of an outfit. They show off the body in a covered up way that feels effortless, chic, and confident. There are so many ways to style bodysuits. Our friends Kendall, Gigi, and co. have mastered them all: In an effort to do as Gigi does, I picked up 4 bodysuits at Nordy's and I am going to tell you how I plan to wear them: I was not playin' with this one. Because it is so tight and figure hugging on the entire body, I am going to wear this with a chunky cashmere poncho wrap and booties for daytime or a lightweight long silky trench coat and these sandals for evening. Wearing it with a longer, drapier piece like the poncho or coat is a great way to avoid looking too Sandy from Grease while still giving the outfit a sexy edge. This lace detail number is my date night dream top. For dinner with the boyf (that term has always annoyed me and I have no idea why it came into my head and I was compelled to write it, sorry guys), I plan to wear this with ankle crop leather pants, this studded belt, and my newest shoe addition - these Louboutin booties. This is such a gorgeous blushy nude color that is so stunning with other neutral beige-y tones! I am going to wear this for daytime errands or a coffee date with white ripped jeans (yes, in the winter), a pretty deep merlot colored wrap, a buttery wool fedora, and tan booties This charcoal crew-neck is just a classic wardrobe staple, and if you are dipping your foot into the bodysuit trend, I would start here. I also got it in black because it is so comfortable and looks much more polished than any other basic t-shirt I own. I will wear this with any and everything, but I see myself mostly pairing it with denim for the classic jeans a T vibe. The charcoal color will look great with black jeans and the black would look great with light ripped denim and a cool belt. This could also be worn with a ripped denim mini and a leather jacket shrugged over your the shoulders. This is such a versatile style and I am so glad I added it to my wardrobe for fall because long sleeves are so handy in San Diego when you do not really need a jacket, but need more than a short sleeve. How do you feel about bodysuits and what is your fave way to style them?

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