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Franato Brand Body Shaping Clothes

Every woman is different. There is no exactly the same sexy, nor will there be 100% the same beauty. Only you can copy your charm! Franato brand body shaping clothes tailor-made for you to create exclusive beauty, unique sexy and personal charm, and confidently show the absolute image of a woman from the inside out. Franato brand body shaping clothes provide customized body shaping services, give exclusive one-to-one individual suggestions and try on experience according to customer needs, including suitable boutique styles, body shaping knowledge, professional doctor's opinions, fashion wear, carefully measure the size of each part of the body, make the finished products humanized and comfortable, and customize the exclusive underwear that meets personal needs. Everyone has different sensitivity to various materials and allergic reactions. Some people are allergic to materials such as rubber, metal buckle, steel ring, anti-skid silica gel and latex. Therefore, when purchasing body shaping clothes, we should pay special attention to how to choose suitable fabrics and materials! Only by purchasing excellent elastic fiber materials with certificate of origin and international certification, and carefully removing this material in the process, can we avoid the phenomenon of skin sensitivity, redness and swelling. If the elastic fiber with unknown origin is not certified, it will be more dangerous to the skin! Marilyn babyfiber is franato's exclusive imported elastic fabric. After 100 times of proportioning and development tests, the fabric is light and breathable. It has tens of thousands of honeycomb breathable mesh, which can quickly and evenly perspire without sultry. The skin can keep dry and comfortable, and the sensitive muscles can wear it safely. Zero addition of harmful substances to human skin, no formaldehyde and AI dyes, double certification of fruit SGS and EU Oeko tex Standard 100, and passing the CTTC textile test in fruit, which is superior to the safety standard of baby clothing, so that customers are 100% relieved! With the slim change of body shape curve, customized plastic products provide free inch reduction modification service, so that each customer can wear the most suitable and comfortable body shaping clothes, enjoy the VIP courtesy and exquisite quality assurance of advanced manual customization, and create an exclusive golden proportion body. The difference between body manager and ordinary underwear is that body underwear condenses human scientific and technological achievements in the fields of structural mechanics, ergonomics, new materials, fiber science, weaving technology and so on. When the external environment is so bad, liberate your internal circulation system. Free shaping, franato brand body shaping clothes let the body breathe freely.

Franato Brand Body Shaping Clothes 1

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