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Franato: Make Good Use of Products and Services and Establish a Good Reputation

Founded in 2003, franato has become a brand widely recognized by consumers in adjustable boutique underwear. Exquisite technology and comfortable wearing experience have become the best cornerstone of brand development. Its five series of boutiques, including popular body shaping, handmade underwear, extreme modeling, fashion home and collection sleeping lining, all highlight & ldquo; Every woman is different & rdquo; The idea of.

Franato: Make Good Use of Products and Services and Establish a Good Reputation 1

Let & ldquo; Every woman is different & rdquo; Our products make every customer have the same satisfaction with franato. In the customer feedback received by franato, there are not only the praise of stars for products, but also the praise of other customers. Many customers have experienced the process from doubting the effect of body shaping clothes to being inseparable from body shaping clothes. Some consumers said that although it's hard to keep slim, cooperating with franato body shaping clothes has added a lot of help to their body shaping process, especially in terms of comfort, which has comforted themselves who have experienced the painful process of body shaping.

Franato: Make Good Use of Products and Services and Establish a Good Reputation 2

After franato entered the mainland market, it also quickly formed word-of-mouth communication. A customer said that because he was aware of the change of body shape, he thought of buying body shaping clothes. His original intention was to make himself look less bloated and give himself more confidence. After deciding to buy body shaping clothes, he decided to come to the franato store in Beijing after doing a lot of homework online. The preparation work after entering the store makes customers feel what is called perfection. From the detailed explanation of body shaping clothing fabric, color and style to 20 minute size measurement. The customer said, & ldquo; It feels like I want to copy a 3D me & rdquo;, Then put the body's & ldquo; Replica & rdquo; Take to Taiwan to cut clothes.

Although the production cycle lasted more than 20 days, the customer said that the wearing effect told her that it was well worth the wait. When I first arrived at franato, I sat on the ground and became very tall and straight after a month. Meat also went where it should go, and I felt more confident when I walked. During wearing franato body shaping clothes, there was no uncomfortable experience of being strangled. More importantly, body shaping clothes add a driving force to their weight loss. These visible and feel good results, let her shout satisfaction

In the past ten years in Taiwan, franato has accumulated a large number of user praise, including the fineness of tailored clothes, comfortable fabric quality and intimate after-sales service, which have become an invisible business card of franato. For many women, the loss of body shape after giving birth is the trouble of almost all women. In franato's network forum, countless & ldquo; Mother powder & rdquo; He shared his experience of postpartum body shaping with the help of franato. From picture comparison to video display, the smile on the customer's face is the greatest recognition of franato. Three child customers in Taiwan say that their first child is 25kg fat, their second child is 22kg fat and their third child is 20kg fat, but they can recover their weight to 46kg-47kg half a year after delivery. When someone asks her for scriptures, she will answer: one is to feed the mother's milk, the other is to cooperate with the body shaping clothes. When talking about choosing body shaping clothes, she said her & ldquo; History of blood and tears;, Many body shaping clothes are cruel to meat, so they will be very painful to wear. The body shaping clothes tailored by franato avoid the pain before losing weight. Whether it is fine body measurement or modification services provided with body changes, she has been liberated from the matter of selecting body shaping clothes

Good customer experience is an invisible business card of franato. In the recognition of customers, franato keeps improving and will & ldquo; Every woman is different & rdquo; If we stick to the concept of, we will bring more comfortable experience to the majority of women

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