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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Body Shaper Machine

1. Why is Leeloo a human in shape in The Fifth Element?

Maybe Leeloo is a member of a perfect species, and one day the Mondoshawans came to earth and tweaked a few hairy apes' DNA to make them look more like the perfect beings.

I don't think there's a direct explanation in the movie, but the story that was in Luc Bessons head involved Corban and Leeloo falling in love and that wouldn't have been practical if she was a big shambling Mondo. Or maybe they create the weapon specific to the population of the planet it has to protect. As Leelo says:


2. Why was the boat mounted this way on the underside of the wing on the Landseaire flying yacht?

This boat is subject to sub-sonic aerodynamics in the region where compressibility effects are negligible. In this region, streamlined bodies are teardrop shaped with a round front providing forces and a tapered rear to avoid separation bubbles and concomitant drag.The boat has no rounded ends. So put its tapered end aft, to exploit one of the two properties of subsonic streamlined bodies.

And the stern has partially a rounded shape, which helps with streamlining when in front, not in rear. The flat surface does not help either in front or in rear.So without knowing the exact Cd from wind tunnel measurements or CFD, the boat likely has least resistance with the bow pointing backwards.


3. Short story about a husband-wife duo converting their flabby bodies to exaggerated ideals and then reality ensues

This always seems to happen... my next search, on TVTropes for "Keeps the Autodoc away", brought up an entry under Required Secondary Powers:Played straight in the BE Archive story Keeps The Autodoc Away, where a couple hack the eponymous AutoDoc to "cure" them of being out of shape. Al tells the machine to, among other things, turn all his fat into a set of enormous, powerful muscles. Near the end, it is revealed, aside from his seven-foot erection knocking him out from blood loss, that his enormous muscles had shattered almost every bone in his body. If it wasn't already obvious, this story isn't exactly safe for work


4. Design Ideas for TCS Site

For captcha, I think it would be natural to try to add a reference to the Turing test.But how to do it in a visual manner?Could we perhaps use a part of the title page of Turing's 1950 article?


5. Difference between weight of water and pressure of water

Consider this diagram showing the three columns you describe all connected to the same body of water:Your question asks whether the three pressures $P_1$, $P_2$ and $P_3$ will be the same. The answer is obviously yes, because the columns are all connected to the same body of water. For example if $P_1 > P_2$ then water would flow from the base of column 1 to the base of column 2 until the pressures became equal.

OK, but the next question is whether the heights of all the columns are the same. Again the answer is yes because if they weren't we could connect the tops of the columns, let water flow between them and we would have a perpetual motion machine.So we conclude that the pressure is only related to the height $h$ and does not depend on the shape of the column. Specifically, the relationship between pressure and height is:$$ P rho g h $$where $rho$ is the density of the fluid and $g$ is the gravitational acceleration (9.81 m/sec$^2$)


6. City defenses against kaiju attacks?

If the Kaiju are part of the worlds history as you said, I don't think you can just drop our version of humanity into it. Think about how humanity would have developed i this situation. For example, it is not likely that humans would have developed large and impressive buildings. After all, why would you deliberately build something that could attract a natural disaster. Civilisation would most likely have developed in plains where you can see everything around, or in mountains, where even Kaiju would have difficulty walking around. Technology and architecture would have developed in a way that focuses on temporary constructs that you can afford to lose, because it can easily be rebuilt.

But I suppose, IF your humans that have finally reached our levels of technology, or even higher, INSISTED on settling in territory that is frequented by giant monsters, and also INSISTED on building permanent structures that are big enough to attract said gian monsters, then I would think of the possibility of keeping one of them around. Focus on being able to deter one specific Kaiju, but feed it to keep it in the general area. Most likely the Kaiju would have some kind of territorial instincts that leads them to avoid stepping in others territory, or defend theirs. That way, you don't have to worry so much on other Kaiju, and if "your" Kaiju steps into the city, you know what you're dealing with.And please don't create giant humanoid robots, they don't make sense. Machines are not constrained by body shapes that living creatures need to have.


7. Information on Peugeot Anjou model?

For a nice pic, see the specs see you read French, you'll need to translate the terms.(I see it says the tires are 700c, and on my reading it doesn't mention frame material)


8. Upper body conditioning goals

What ever the goal should be depends on what you want to achieve more than anything else.You can do numerous things like that "100 burpees in under 8 minutes" goal for your upper body.You can also set goals to certain exercises if you have the equipment like 'x' amount of weight on the deadlift, squat, bench press, shoulder press.


9. Rigid Body, object passing through floor

I red the question, but since it's a bit confusing for me (so many steps) I sticked with title - to solve passing objects, with a file you provided.Start position of leaves comes from particles behaviour (they collides only in circular shape. Enabling Rigid Body to these leaves results in move ("explodes)" them down. In a Rigid Body World, there is something in your file that I didn't figured out - something that's pushing road from leaves. So, here is a few steps to fix that:To let leaves interact properly they should use type "Mesh" as well.This gif is taken from your (not simplified blend, front view). I just clipped View to max 20 m, to by able even move on my private old machine


10. Any reason for feeling nausea when working out?

Well there are a few reasons for experiencing nausea during/after exercise, most commonly the following:

- Exercising on an empty stomach (may cause low blood sugar levels)

- Dehydration

- Overexertion

- Motion sickness from abdominal exercisesYour situation sounds mostly due to the abdominal exercises you are performing. This is actually not uncommon, but in saying that, it still is not exactly great for this to be occuring on a regular basis.

Maybe try and focus on a stationary spot when doing your abdominal exercises, ensuring you have properly hydrated/eaten prior to your workout, and also not overexerting yourself too much - since you haven't exercised frequently for 20years, make sure you don't go out too hard, too early. Take it slowly, hydrate, eat well and good luck!


11. how can I make a flush box bottom

You pretty much answered your own question about making the bottom flush. Dado the sides and make a rabbet in the bottom that is as deep as the distance from the bottom edge of the side to the dado. Be sure to calculate this distance carefully so that the dado width plus the distance to the edge is the same as the thickness of the bottom.

As far as wood movement, if your bottom is solid wood you will have to leave space and not glue it in place to allow for wood movement. If you don't want to do this you will need to use plywood. If you want to match species you could always do a shop-sawn veneer over plywood or MDF.


12. Calculating stress without strain

You need to consider the elasticity of materials in order to avoid reduntant constraints. If the forces acting on body are completely known (as well as moments), then you might be able to distribute the applied forces onto internal stresses on the basis of hertz contact pressures and subsurface stresses on the elastic half spaces. To get bulk stresses you need to make idealizations like those in beam theory to get normal, shear and bending stresses. You need a good book on engineering design


13. I'm a casual runner & active human. Do I need to work out my legs lower body?

Lower body exercises would probably help you build speed and prevent injury (by building muscle around your knee, for example, you'll be less likely to tear something). Runner's World has a great article called Faster in Five that outlines 5 different lower body exercises you can do, mostly just with your own body weight and dumbbells. These include single leg squats, balance run (also try the running man variation), heel raises, hamstring push-up (one-legged bridges on an exercise ball or chair), and plank lift. Regular squats, lunges, and high step ups are good too


14. Is there a deeper meaning behind Sati being Indian?

If it references anything I can only think it may be a reference to the Buddhist "Sati" word sati derives from a root meaning 'to remember,' but as a mental factor it signifies presence of mind, attentiveness to the present, rather than the faculty of memory regarding the past.


15. My in-apartment gym lacks barbells. Should I join a new gym or buy my own barbell?

I highly recommend joining a gym.Being able to mix things every now and then is a crucial to making progress with lifting. You need to have options. A home gym costs big bucks and will limit you in your options, which you will grow bored of very quickly.I find that going to a gym is also a good motivator. Once I am there, I have invested the effort of getting to the gym and want to make it worth my while.That said, by all means work out at home in the mean time, it's certainly better than nothing


16. Humanoid species that can consciously read each other's DNA: plausibility and limitations

My experience with biology is that the brain is an amazingly good pattern and language machine. The bigger limit would be developing good organs for scanning DNA and relaying that information across nerves. Sensing "other" DNA and differentiating it from your own DNA (of which there is a lot of it in your body) could be a trick, with lots of false positives. A sense of "self" would be essential, at the DNA level.Another interesting question is how does it decide fitness? The process of converting DNA to proteins (which actually do the real bio-mechanical work in our body) is terribly interconnected and complicated. It may be that the language is just too complicated to learn.

However, in such a post-apocalyptic universe, I'd consider a storyline where the obsessive genetic engineers "simplified" the DNA to make it more readable. Being overzealous, they simplified it "too much," creating a system which is inefficient compared to non-engineered organisms. They have to spend an inordinate amount of energy maintaining their genetic contents compared to their carefree monkey cousins. This could lead to a continuing struggle to develop "the best language" for DNA to take shape, where the language shapes the DNA, and then a generation later the DNA shapes how the next generation learns the language.It might even lead to two castes: those which invoke an autistic-like all-consuming effort in their mate selection, and those whose genetic lines have already decayed to where they might as well just sit back and enjoy their life. Then, in the middle, you'd have a few who don't seem to fit the mold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Body Shaper Machine 1

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