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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Press Top Cap

1. How do i get rid of this one zit/pimple/whatever you call it?

Treatment: try it 1.Topical antibiotics. These acne medicines can kill some of the bacteria on the skin and reduce redness and inflammation. Examples of antibiotics include clindamycin and erythromycin. 2.Topical retinoids. Retinoid creams are derived from vitamin A. They work by unplugging the follicles, which also allows other medicines like topical antibiotics to work better. Examples include Avita, Differin, Retin-A, and Tazorac. 3.Other topical medicines. Some of the medicines that you can find over the counter are available in more potent forms by prescription. These include azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfur-based treatments. They help by reducing swelling and blocking the growth of bacteria. Retinoid creams can increase the skins sensitivity to sunlight and the risk of serious sunburn. So when using these treatments, its important to limit sun exposure and apply sunscreen regularly. Make sure not to get any topical retinoids in your mouth, nose, or eyes. Thanx Dr Suraj A K


2. how to drain brake fluid on 2000 chevy cavalier?

Brake fluid drain/flush procedures are not for the novice. This has to be done correctly or brake failure is immanent. Remove cap from master cylinder and fill to top with brake fluid. Open the bleeder valve at the passengers rear tire and place a catch basin under the drain. allow fluid to drip into basin continually re filling the master cylinder. When fluid runs clear, close drain then go to rear drivers side wheel and open drain. Continue with the filling of the master cylinder until that one runs clear. Close valve and proceed to the passengers front wheel. repeat procedure then on to the drivers front wheel. This can be done more rapidly with two people, (One opening and closing drain while the other presses and releases pedal) This procedure has a warning attached in that the master cylinder must NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RUN EMPTY. This will allow air into the brake system and can get the occupants killed when the brakes fail. I highly advise this be done by an experienced person. A novice or untrained person will be risking accidental injury/death if procedures are not followed closely.


3. welfare programs, tax credits, and continuing to have children.?

I thought I would never here from another conservative in this forum. God bless you for thinking logically. When you give people money that belongs to others (my and your taxes) it is committing a grievous crime to the rest of us. It is in fact stealing as promoted by our government. If they get my taxes then they must be subject to my rules which would include working for me for their welfare or aid. This work could be anything from shoveling snow from public streets or mowing MY lawn as I am paying for their subsistence. I wonder how most people are doing with this hope and change thing of Obama and his Chicago thugs. The unemployment is now at about 25% including the underemployed and those who stopped looking. However, they will continue to blame Bosch even though more welfare programs like universal health care has been pushed through by the Democrats


4. Why the disparities in number of nominations?

That's just how it is. Best picture is capped at 10 nominees and the other categories are capped at five, though some of the categories will occasionally have only three.On June 24, 2009, AMPAS announced that the number of films to be nominated in the Best Picture award category would increase from five to ten, starting with the 82nd Academy Awards (2009). The expansion was a throwback to the Academy's early years in the 1930s and 1940s, when eight to twelve films were nominated each year. "Having 10 Best Picture nominees is going to allow Academy voters to recognize and include some of the fantastic movies that often show up in the other Oscar categories but have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize," AMPAS President Sid Ganis said in a press conference. "I can't wait to see what that list of 10 looks like when the nominees are announced in February."From the general page:In all major categories, a variant of the single transferable vote is used, with each member casting a ballot with up to five nominees (ten for Best Picture) ranked preferentially.

It's worth noting that there are a maximum of ten films. It's pretty rare that they actually have ten. They've done so since the 2009 update to the rules in 2009 and 2010 only. Since then, they've generally had nine with a couple of years having only eight


5. I bought Radiator Flush for my 95 Maxima?

did you make sure you put the thermostat in the correct way?its easy to install them the wrong way ,or if your cetain its correct , did you bleed out the system when you replaced these things, when you operate on hoses and everything air could have gotten into the system causing "hot spots"there should be a bleeder screw on your thermostat houseing try opening it up to release the air untill you get antifreeze come out ,try replacing you radiator cap or have it pressure tested also check the fins on your radiator if there all pressed in it might not be disapaiting the heat properly causing it to over heat.also do you have the correct 50/50 antifreeze and water mixture, they either come prediluted or you mix antifreeze with distilled water if you use tap water you can clog up the small tubes in you radiator with calcuim build up ect.Any of these could do the trick.Just process of elimination.Normally its recommended to get your cooling system flushed every 2 years.


6. Why is it so hard to believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming With all the irrefutable proof?

Alarmist love to say that skeptics are "liars" and spread "misinformation", but they should look themselves in the mirror. They claim that co2 is a greenhouse gas that acts as a 'blanket' to heat up the earth. What they do not tell you is that model projections of greater warming absolutely depend on positive feedbacks from water vapor and clouds that will add to the blanket reducing the net cooling of the climate system. What they also do is take a large number of models that could not reasonably simulate known patterns of natural behavior (such as ENSO, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation), claim that such models nonetheless accurately depicted natural internal climate variability, and use the fact that these models could not replicate the warming episode from the mid seventies through the mid nineties, to argue that forcing was necessary and that the forcing must have been due to man. In other words, their only proof is computer models. They know it. That is why they say you cannot really prove it.


7. Illustrator. What am I doing wrong when cutting a circle

Create a circle with a stroke. Copy and Paste in front.Select the top circle, select the Scissors Tool (C).Click on the path where you want the end points of the line.Based on your example I first clicked at the top and then the bottom right. Delete this area.

Select the stroke, open your strokes panel (Window -> Stroke) and select the round cap icon.Then select the bottom circle and color it a different color.Using Pie Graph ToolSelect Pie Graph Tool (J), press anywhere on artboard, enter size.

Input data points, I did 3 | 7, hit apply (green check mark)Select graph, remove fill and set stroke to desired size.Select the Scissors Tool (C) and click the anchor points of where the data points meet. Then delete those points.Do this again for the other side of the circle.

Use the Direct Select Tool to select one of the stroke and change its color.Select all of the points and change them to round caps. Then go to Object -> Flatten Transparency and hit OK. Move the bottom stroke (mine was black) to the top


8. Question about soldering/desoldering

First of all: modern PCBs use lead-free solder. It has a higher melting point and a different "look" when solid. Sometimes it helps to apply a little bit of lead solder to get a better heat transfer between the soldering iron and the solder joint. After the whole soldering joint is molten, I use a vacuum plunger ("solder sucker") to remove bigger amounts of solder. Remove the soldering iron to avoid overheating the component.Then (the component wire is still in the hole) I use some quality brand desoldering wick: I place the desoldering wick in such a way that it has a good contact to the solder joint, and then press on top of the wick. This way the wick has a good contact to the solder joint.About heating up the capacitor: It may well be that you overheated the cap, I'm not sure if the metal case is has a good thermal coupling to the contacts


9. Anyone know the specific differences between a Northgate Omnikey 101 and 102?

102 Key models of any classic PC keyboards are usually the euro / foreign version with the 101 being the US model, typically with the extra key to the left of the lower half of a shortened enter key.The Omnikey 102 seems to have a bit of an oddball layout though, retaining a full-sized enter key with the extra key being positioned between the right Ctrl and Alt, along with other strange layout choices. The OmniKey 101 is a bog-standard US PC keyboard layout.

Both 101 and 102 versions do seem to support a Dvorak configuration natively via the DIP switches. From the manual:101, 102, and Inverted-T ULTRATo change to a Dvorak layout: Key LayoutF1 Normal "QWERTY"F2 Dvorak StandardF3 Dvorak Left-handF4 Dvorak Right-handSomething else you might want to watch out for though if you intend to have the keycaps in the actual Dvorak layout:For all Dvorak layouts, you must also remove all of the typewriter key caps and replace them with the optional set of Dvorak key caps. You cannot remove the original key caps and replace them in the Dvorak positions. The key caps are designed differently for different rows on the keyboard and will not fit properly in other positions.There is a PDF copy of the manual on Deskthority


10. What is Obama's Education Plan?

Obama wants to expand federal aid for students, including increasing Pell Grant aid. Since taking office in 2008, he has done exactly thisnow almost all student loans come directly from the federal government. He ended government subsidization of federal loans by private lenders. Obama would also grow the Perkins loans (need-based aid provided by the Department of Education) budget by $7 billion, according to the Associated Press. College costs have steadily risen year-by-year since Obama stepped into office. According to the AP, in order to try and keep college costs down, Obama has proposed a one billion dollar grant competition in the style of Race to the Top, a program in which states were awarded points based on how they were improving their K-12 schools. This competition would reward schools that are actively trying to keep costs down; by controlling federal subsidies in regards to whether colleges increase tuition yearly within allowance, which incentivizes colleges to keep tuition down. Obama has also pledged that he would work to cut the inflation of tuition in half by the next decade. In terms of student loans, the administration has an Income-Based Repayment program that caps repayment at 10 percent of a graduates monthly income. All unpaid debt would also be forgiven in 20 years, cut down by five years under George W. Bush.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Press Top Cap 1

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