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GIRLS , I Wanna Buy Myself a Bodysuit From Victoria Secret, (blousepanties), Anyone Wore It Before?

Get one and let me see you in it(=

GIRLS , I Wanna Buy Myself a Bodysuit From Victoria Secret, (blousepanties), Anyone Wore It Before?  1

1. Can I use my free will to choose to wear an asbestos bodysuit when I get to Hell?

Oh, man ....!!! I thought you and I were planning on wearing matching outfits ...? Does this mean I have to return my hot pink string bikini and exchange it for an asbestos one now .... ?

2. Is it okay or weird to wear a full swimwear bodysuit for surfing to swim in a pool? I have some very real insecurities, but I want to learn how to swim.

It's totally OK! I often teach people who are body conscious and I recommend 2 things.Full sleeved rash shirt. This provides full coverage front and back, with a round neck. Available for both men and women.Swim tights if you're female. Or jammers (knee length) if male. Swim tights are available from Speedo - they are part of what are called modesty suits for Muslim women (which consists of a full long sleeved top, hoodie and tights), but I just buy the tights separately :)Both shirts and leggings/jammers are perfectly acceptable in a pool and provide warmth (insulating layer of warm water between your skin and the swimwear), full sun protection (if outdoor swimming) as well as modesty/coverage. The most important thing is that you're comfortable in the water, so definitely shop around for the right swimwear to make you feel at ease. Good luck!Is it okay or weird to wear a full swimwear bodysuit for surfing to swim in a pool? I have some very real insecurities, but I want to learn how to swim

GIRLS , I Wanna Buy Myself a Bodysuit From Victoria Secret, (blousepanties), Anyone Wore It Before?  2

3. Where can I find a long sleeve leopard bodysuit/leotard?

Leopard Body Suit

4. How to Wear a Bodysuit | Bodysuits Are Taking Over Fashion

Besides how convenient they are (no more having to deal with tucking your shirt in and dealing with bulges) and how it's basically a cuter version of shapewear, my love began a few years ago when, like every other girl on the planet, I was wait-listed for the Reformation Avalon bodysuit. Despite my initial questioning of why anyone would want to wear a leotard in public (old dance class memories coming back), I eventually got my hands on the lace-up bodysuit that everyone was wearing last summer. Since then I've become full on obsessed with bodysuits (seen here and here). If you are wondering how to wear a bodysuit, the answer is that it's actually really simple! Bodysuits have been trending for a while now and they are here to stay! You will get over the thought of wearing a one piece (it's comfortable, I swear!). Then, you will find wearing a bodysuit actually has so many sartorial benefits! let's talk about how to wear a bodysuit: Bodysuits have been and continue to be all the rage in fashion news and street style. Backless, lace up, long sleeved, off the shoulder, cut outs, plunging fronts... bodysuits have them all. They are are like your favorite top, but better. No more worrying about how to properly tuck in your tops, something I never quite figured out, or your fitted tops coming undone. The bodysuit does all the work for you. Yes, going to the bathroom is more of a struggle, but given that we've already fully embraced rompers and jumpsuits, a bodysuit should be NBD. If you are a fan of fitted tops, bodysuits are the best option. They work with almost any bottom. Pair them with your jeans, shorts, skirts and they will make any outfit look polished (no more constantly adjusting the bottom of your shirt). One caveat: some bodysuits will result in VPL, so you may want to avoid anything too tight on the bottom, unless that's a look you are intentionally going for... the key is to find a bodysuit that fits your body and style! Bodysuits with a higher thigh cut will generally sit more smoothly under your clothes. If you are used to tucking into loose tops or tank tops, a bodysuit is seriously so much more convenient (and looks so much better because the form fitting bottom ensures a smoother fit - so you have fewer awkward wrinkles and creases where the top meets the bottoms). I love playing around with proportions - if the bodysuit is skin fitting, consider pairing it with looser bottoms such as wide legged trousers or boyfriend jeans. I almost always pair my bodysuits with high waisted jeans or bottoms. Bodysuits will definitely hug your curves and accentuate your body. But there are so many styles that there is something for every body type. My body is definitely straight and narrow, so I have to keep that in mind when I am shopping. A black bodysuit is flattering on every shape and size and always a safe bet. Bodysuits are so easy to wear you honestly cannot go wrong and definitely need some in your closet. My favorite places to shop for bodysuits: Revolve, Urban Outfitters, and Reformation. Bodysuits are one of my go-tos at the moment. I especially love them with anything high waisted, as the fitted top will accentuate your waist. They work for any season as well! For cooler months, look into long sleeved bodysuits. Body suits are great if you are wondering what to wear to a music festival, on a night out, or even to the office. There's a bodysuit for every occasion! I've rounded my favorite bodysuits below - is this a trend you are on board with?

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