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Harm of Sleeping in Plastic Clothes

For many women who love beauty, figure is their most important thing, so many women wear body shaping clothes in order to keep their slim figure. Not only that, many women also wear body shaping clothes when they sleep, but wearing body shaping clothes during sleep is harmful to women's body. So what are the hazards of sleeping in body shaping clothes

The harm of sleeping in body shaping clothes

Harm of Sleeping in Plastic Clothes 1

all we know about body shaping clothes is to wear them for beautiful curves. Body shaping clothes also have medical functions. Many patients with varicose veins or women who have just given birth will wear body shaping clothes, which is recommended by doctors and determined by doctors according to their personal constitution. But many women wear body shaping clothes in order to look good, which is not good for their health, let alone when they sleep. Next, let's take a look at the harm of body shaping clothes

experts suggest that women should choose appropriate underwear, avoid wearing body shaping underwear for a long time, and pay attention to moving their upper limbs and moving the sling at the shoulder. Don't wear a bra when sleeping. When you don't go out or meet guests at home, you can also consider using less, so as to relieve or alleviate its constraints on the chest

at the same time, if you have the problem of cervical spondylosis, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time and use the advanced minimally invasive surgery for treatment. It has the advantages of less trauma, good curative effect and fast recovery. The most important thing is to fundamentally eliminate the cervical and lumbar disc herniation, and maintain the stability of the spine. The patient has no sequelae and complications, It is an ideal choice for your treatment of cervical spondylosis

the above is the harm of body shaping clothes. It is not recommended to wear body shaping clothes when sleeping. Sleeping itself should wear loose and comfortable pajamas, which is conducive to sleep and better for physical relaxation. In short, wearing body shaping clothes will lead to poor blood circulation, which will affect your health. Be careful

Precautions for postpartum body shaping

Harm of Sleeping in Plastic Clothes 2

1. Do not diet blindly

postpartum body recovery is a problem perplexing many young women. In order to successfully lose weight, some mothers even adopt radical weight loss methods such as dieting after childbirth. However, special attention should be paid to not dieting within 42 days postpartum! One reason is that the postpartum mother's body is delicate and weak, and all parts have not recovered well. If she lacks sufficient nutritional supplies, she will become weaker. Second, especially for lactating mothers, dieting and weight loss will also have an impact on the quality of milk. The newborn fetus needs to get enough nutrition from the mother's milk! Dieting may have obvious effects in the short term, but it is easy to rebound, which is harmful to the recovery of body, so it is suggested that postpartum mothers should not pursue speed too much

2. Combination of exercise and slimming products

although confinement is not suitable for high-intensity weight loss exercise. But proper exercise is OK. You can choose some gentle movements, such as stretching your feet and turning your body. Don't underestimate these small exercises. These movements can relieve fatigue and physical pain. After confinement, depending on the recovery of the body, you can start doing some aerobic exercise, postpartum yoga and so on. Mothers who use slimming products can use body shaping clothes and hip lifting pants at this time. Note that some mothers have a lot of exercise intensity every day, which can achieve satisfactory results, but it is very harmful to their body. It is recommended not to do intense exercise before your body recovers

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