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Hazards of Wearing Body Shaping Clothes

Although it is said that body shaping clothes can help people shape their bodies, for many people, if the use of body shaping clothes is incorrect, or if they use body shaping clothes for a long time, it will bring certain harm to people, but many people do not know what the harm caused by wearing body shaping clothes is. What are the hazards of wearing body shaping clothes

Harm of wearing body shaping clothes

Hazards of Wearing Body Shaping Clothes 1

1. Harm to the urinary system

women's urethra is short, wide, straight and weak muscle strength. It can't resist the impact of urine when abdominal pressure increases, and is prone to urinary incontinence. If you wear body shaping clothes to lose weight for a long time, it is easy to cause the increase of intra-abdominal pressure, and the bladder will be pressed forward and downward, which will increase and straighten the posterior angle at the junction of urethra and bladder, which is more unfavorable to the control of micturition

II. Harm the reproductive system


Hazards of Wearing Body Shaping Clothes 2

often wear body shaping clothes. Due to the tight crotch and buttocks, sweat, vaginal secretions, leucorrhea and menstrual blood cannot be distributed in a wet and stuffy environment, stimulating the vulva and causing vulvitis. If skin abrasion causes dermatitis and bacterial reproduction, retrograde infection

will induce vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, urethral infection, etc. At the same time, eating clothes and trousers will also affect the breast and hip development of adolescent girls, which will bring adverse effects on future childbirth and lactation

III. harm the blood circulation system

tight body shaping clothes will directly affect the blood circulation of the waist, so that the lumbar muscles can not get enough nutrition supply and produce lumbar muscle strain. If it affects the pelvic blood circulation, it will cause pelvic congestion and uterine dysplasia. If the lower cavity meridians in the deep part of the abdominal cavity are compressed, the blood returning to the heart will be relatively reduced, resulting in dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms

IV. harm to digestive system

long term wearing body shaping clothes to lose weight will change the position of kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity, affect the normal peristalsis of the stomach, reduce its function of digesting food and absorbing nutrition, lead to malnutrition and constipation, and induce hemorrhoids, anal fissure and other diseases

v. harm to the respiratory system

normal people have two kinds of respiratory movements: chest breathing and abdominal breathing. Long term weight loss by wearing body shaping clothes will hinder the contraction and relaxation of diaphragm, affect the normal progress of abdominal breathing and make people feel difficult to breathe. For a long time, it will cause great harm to the respiratory system

Five misunderstandings that must be vigilant for body shaping clothes to lose weight

as people get older, coupled with the role of gravity, their breasts gradually sag. How can they correctly wear body shaping underwear to show their plump upper circumference. Although it is good to have a large chest, if you wear body shaping underwear by mistake, the chest will be abnormally squeezed, but it will have a negative impact on the chest

having a perfect figure and showing an arrogant curve is the common dream and pursuit of women in different times and regions. But how much do you know about the misunderstanding of wearing body shaping clothes? Do you need to wear body shaping underwear

myth 1: you can lose weight

the causes and characteristics of imperfect body shape curve are different, and the solution should be tailored to the case. Too tight bra will deform the breast, cause difficulty in normal breathing and movement, and even cause "green blood disease". In addition, too tight underwear may also affect the sweat excretion of the skin and cause skin diseases

Myth 2: the longer you wear it, the better the weight loss effect

the short-term extrusion of body underwear may not have much impact, but long-term compression will have adverse consequences on the internal organs of the human body, which is prone to the symptoms of poor blood circulation and poor metabolism. Experts suggest that you should not wear it for too long at a time. Generally, you should not wear it for more than 4 hours at a time, and you can't wear it every day

myth 3: loose soon after wearing indicates good weight loss effect

generally speaking, a high-quality product can be worn for two years. However, there are some unqualified products that will be deformed and not close to your body after a few months. The merchant may tell you that you have lost weight, but the waist seal sewn with memory alloy will change with your body shape for a long time. At this time, you should consider that what you buy is probably inferior. Don't be complacent because of the merchant's explanation

myth 4: it is the gospel of weight loss losers

one of the purposes of wearing body underwear is to control your appetite. The sense of restraint at the waist can make you don't eat a lot at every meal. 8% fullness should be the limit. Therefore, the main function of body underwear is to make the curve beautiful rather than lose weight. Don't equate body underwear with weight loss

myth 5: I'm still young and in good shape. I don't need to wear it. When I'm old, women who need to recover their figure after childbirth, women with poor body proportion, such as women with flat chest, sagging hips and thick thighs, and those who have local fat and are difficult to reduce need to wear body shaping underwear. After the age of 25, women's breasts will sag. At this time, they should consciously delay the aging of the body

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