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Heating Principle of Body Shaping Clothes

If you often work overtime and stay up late, often eat unbalanced, and have no time to manage your body, you can start a body shaping clothes, which can help you shape the curve and distribute the fat and fat of your body more evenly, so it will look better. Let's take a look at the heating principle of body shaping clothes

Heating principle of body shaping clothes

Heating Principle of Body Shaping Clothes 1

in the process of wearing body slimming clothes, we feel that our abdomen is heating. That is because the body slimming clothes are tight in shaping, which recovers our excess meat with pressure, and the ventilation effect is certainly poor. It will stuffy, sweat and heat, which makes us have the effect of fat burning, but it is certainly bad for our blood circulation, Some slimming clothes have the effect of massaging and dredging blood, which is impossible in itself, unless they have external pharmacological effects

the main adjustment method of body shaping clothes is to transfer the fat on the back, shoulders and armpits to the front chest to make the chest shape round and full. Through the design of the back and waist, make the body tall and straight, and avoid chest, hunchback and gastroptosis. The hip lifting pants tighten the hip fat and combine it with the body shaping waist seal to guide the transfer of waist, abdomen and thigh fat to the hip, so as to create a beautiful hip shape

the difference from the previous abdominal band and waist seal is that it changes the previous practice of "treating head pain and foot pain". It not only makes local body adjustment, but also transfers the excess fat in various parts of the body (such as axillary breast, stomach, abdomen, waist, back, etc.) and folds it to a suitable position to make the body concave and convex, so as to achieve the effect of slimming and beautifying the body

when buying slimming clothes, you must buy clothes with good air permeability. Some people only pay attention to style when buying. In fact, fabric is more important. If you wear airtight fabric, it will affect skin breathing, which is easy to cause small red pimples and allergies. Therefore, when buying, you must go to a regular store

How to maintain body shaping clothes

Heating Principle of Body Shaping Clothes 2

1. Washing time:

although they are close fitting clothes, most of the products of body shaping clothes have anti-bacterial treatment and good perspiration, so it is recommended to clean them 1-2 times a week

2. Selection of washing liquid:

high end body shaping clothes will have special washing liquid. For example, Xibi and other body shaping clothes will provide special washing liquid. If there is no special washing liquid, the commonly used washing liquid in the market can also be used, and washing powder is not recommended

3. Washing method:

hand washing. Do not use machine washing. The brassiere, back clip and plastic pants of body shaping clothes often contain steel rings, memory alloy and other metals. Machine washing will bring irreparable damage to the products, thus affecting the wearing effect

4. Water temperature:

it is better if the water temperature is below 30 ℃

5. Drying

the best method is to dry in the shade. It can be placed indoors or under the eaves. It is best to use a towel to absorb water before drying. Pay attention to the shape and hang it up again. The bra should be hung upside down by clamping the steel ring at the bottom of the cup with a clothes clip. The method of shaping the body jacket is the same. The waist seal and plastic pants should be hung by clamping the waist. It is recommended to use a clothes drying basket to dry it flat. Do not expose to the sun or use a dryer. Too high temperature will damage the cloth and deform the product

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