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How About Wearing Body Shaping Clothes for a Long Time

Women are naturally beautiful, so many women will lose weight through dieting or body shaping tools in order to wear beautiful clothes and show their slim body. Because once people get fat, nothing can show an effect. Is it good to wear body shaping clothes for a long time

How about wearing body shaping clothes for a long time

How About Wearing Body Shaping Clothes for a Long Time 1

in fact, wearing body shaping clothes for a long time is also harmful to our body. Our body, like us, yearns for free breathing, and body shaping clothes forcibly restrict this right to free breathing. Especially after sweating, sweat can not volatilize in time, resulting in pore blockage, redness and swelling of local skin and folliculitis, It is also easy to cause rough skin, so our body will become uncomfortable and uncomfortable

unmarried women should never wear it, because the lower abdomen is where the uterus and other organs are. Wearing too tight clothes and trousers is easy to lead to infertility, let alone particularly tight body shaping clothes. And it's not necessary to be young. You can control your weight through diet and exercise. Body shaping clothes I think that just after childbirth, due to body deformation, if you want to lose weight violently at that time, you can wear body shaping clothes, which is conducive to the recovery of body shape, but don't wear them for a long time

the essence of weight loss is to re-establish the balance between energy intake and energy consumption. From eating more and consuming less to eating an appropriate amount, you can certainly lose weight. In addition, weight loss is a persistent and gradual process, which is a balanced weight loss of all systems of the whole body, so weight loss itself is the shaping of body fat, so I think it doesn't make sense to lose weight and manage fat by external force in medicine

Precautions for postpartum body shaping

postpartum body recovery is a problem perplexing many young women. In order to successfully lose weight, some mothers even adopt radical weight loss methods such as dieting after childbirth. However, special attention should be paid to not dieting within 42 days postpartum! One reason is that the postpartum mother's body is delicate and weak, and all parts have not recovered well. If she lacks sufficient nutritional supplies, she will become weaker. Second, especially for lactating mothers, dieting and weight loss will also have an impact on the quality of milk. The newborn fetus needs to get enough nutrition from the mother's milk! Dieting may have obvious effects in the short term, but it is easy to rebound, which is harmful to the recovery of body, so it is suggested that postpartum mothers should not pursue speed too much

How About Wearing Body Shaping Clothes for a Long Time 2

although confinement is not suitable for high-intensity weight loss exercise. But proper exercise is OK. You can choose some gentle movements, such as stretching your feet and turning your body. Don't underestimate these small exercises. These movements can relieve fatigue and physical pain. After confinement, depending on the recovery of the body, you can start doing some aerobic exercise, postpartum yoga and so on. Mothers who use slimming products can use body shaping clothes and hip lifting pants at this time. Note that some mothers have a lot of exercise intensity every day, which can achieve satisfactory results, but it is very harmful to their body. It is recommended not to do intense exercise before your body recovers

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