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How Long Can I Wear Abdominal Band After Induction of Labor

Many women know that after giving birth to a child, they need to use the abdominal band to recover their body, but many women who have induced abortion feel very confused. Do they also need to use the abdominal band after induced labor? After all, the fetus has been in the stomach for some time, so how long can the abdominal band be worn after induced labor

How long can the abdominal band be worn after induced labor

How Long Can I Wear Abdominal Band After Induction of Labor 1

generally, the effect of using the abdominal band after 2 days of spontaneous labor is the best. If it is a caesarean section, it should not be used until 6 days later, because there is a wound on the abdomen of women undergoing caesarean section. If the abdominal band forms pressure on the wound, it will cause injury. Mother must not use wrong, so as not to affect her body

after using the abdominal band, if the mother does not have discomfort symptoms within 24 hours, it means that the abdominal pressure is tolerable and can continue to be used. When in use, wear it during the day. Take off the abdominal band during meals and half an hour after meals, and then wear it no more than 8 hours a day

if it is a high-quality abdominal band, it can bring a good effect of helping women shrink and retract. The abdomen is the part of postpartum women's fat accumulation. Many women's postpartum body deformation, abdominal fat bulge and "swimming circle" due to their own carelessness ", the clothes are not beautiful. Even some women get sick because of abdominal fat. Therefore, postpartum women had better buy abdominal band to make themselves more beautiful.

generally, if there is a problem with the embryo within three months of pregnancy, the child can be aborted through abortion surgery, but if the pregnancy is more than three months or the fetal development is relatively large, it is better The child can only be removed after induction of labor. Because the abdominal viscera after caesarean section are affected by invasive surgery, the special abdominal band for caesarean section needs to be used immediately after operation to fix the wound, promote wound healing and prevent visceral sagging.

How Long Can I Wear Abdominal Band After Induction of Labor 2

during induction of labor, women can use the abdominal band after elite operation because their abdominal muscles have bulged On the one hand, it can prevent the uterus and internal organs from sagging. On the other hand, it can also play a role in beauty, so that there will not be too big belly in the future. The nursing role of the abdominal band is greater than the body shaping role. Therefore, when purchasing the abdominal band for caesarean section, mom should not blindly tighten the size, but should choose good ventilation, comfortable wearing, and can be adjusted according to the size of the caesarean section wound The position and degree of recovery can be adjusted freely. The elastic special abdominal band for caesarean section can also be used simultaneously with the pelvic correction band to help the pelvis recover to the prenatal size as soon as possible.

can you wear the abdominal band after induction of labor?

you can now wear body shaping pants normally, which will have no impact on your physical recovery. Please don't worry. But if you can not wear them, try not to wear them , although there is no harm, it can be avoided. During the recovery period, you must pay attention to rest, don't be overworked, can't exercise violently, pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the perineum, wear pure cotton underwear, can't have sex within a month, and can't eat cold, spicy and stimulating food.

eat more protein, vitamins and inorganic salts Rich food can help the weak body recover better and speed up the repair of the uterus. In addition, it is especially recommended to eat more foods rich in iron during this period, because women will lose a lot of blood during labor induction. In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia, it is recommended to eat more chicken, fish, animal liver, soybean products and other foods It is not only conducive to the recovery of physical health, but also helps to restore the uterus. In fact, there is no exact time for how long you can lose weight after induced labor. As long as you meet the two conditions, female friends can lose weight safely and boldly. First, remember not to lose weight blindly too early; second, you must wait until your body recovers. The length of recovery depends on your physical fitness and surgery Aftercare is inseparable.

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