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How Long Can You Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Natural Birth? Is It Better to Wear Abdominal Under

After childbirth, many female friends are eager to restore their figure. After all, beauty is the nature of our female friends. At this time, wearing body shaping clothes or abdominal band is the only choice for many female friends. So how long can I wear body shaping clothes after natural birth? Summer postpartum wear abdominal underwear or abdominal band

How long can you wear body shaping clothes after spontaneous labor

How Long Can You Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Natural Birth? Is It Better to Wear Abdominal Under 1

from the perspective of health, you can wear body shaping clothes after a month of spontaneous labor, and it is best to use them after your body recovers. Because the body shaping clothes have a certain pressure on the body to tighten the fat and loose meat, while the body of the newly born child is still relatively weak. If the function is naturally restored, it will be healthier for the interior of the body. Pay attention to ventilation while wearing body shaping clothes to prevent excessive heat and sweat from causing wound inflammation. Body shaping clothes must be washed and changed frequently and kept dry. Because body shaping clothes are personal products, the selection of materials is very important. The close fitting parts should be made of cotton, and don't buy too tight body shaping clothes in order to achieve the effect quickly, so as not to hurt the body. When using body shaping clothes, take it as an auxiliary product, not as the only body shaping tool

if the body recovers well, you can wear body shaping clothes one week after delivery. If the recovery is not very good, you can wear it half a month after delivery or after the full moon. Because there are more sweating and more lochia in the month, you will feel uncomfortable, resulting in poor rest for pregnant women. If you wear too tight body shaping clothes, it will also have a certain impact on lactation. In the puerperium, you need to pay attention to rest and nutrition, and eat less spicy, cold and cold food. Proper indoor exercise can also effectively promote body recovery

Experts say that although the abdominal underwear is pure cotton and has relatively good water absorption and air permeability, the abdominal pants will not only hide fat, but also oppress pelvic organs and make them congest for a long time, which is still unfavorable to the body. Especially in summer, because the abdominal underwear is too tight, it is not conducive to skin breathing and is easy to cause gynecological diseases. Therefore, it is better to use the abdominal band in the summer after delivery, but the mother of caesarean section should pay attention to the wound when using it; Postpartum body shape recovery should not depend entirely on the abdominal band; The abdominal band used should not be too tight. Because too tight abdominal band not only oppresses the abdominal cavity, but also is not conducive to the blood circulation and metabolism of the waist and abdomen, and may cause other diseases. In addition, for the recovery of pelvic floor function and body shape, the more scientific way should be to do some targeted exercise to recover, and maintain a balanced diet. If you don't exercise and pay attention to diet, but rely on the abdominal band for a long time, this is not desirable. On the other hand, the abdominal band should be tied at the waist and should not oppress the stomach in the abdomen, so as to lose weight by reducing the amount of food, which is not available, because we need milk to ensure the baby's rations

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