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How Long Does Postpartum Hemorrhage Last and How Long Can You Wear Body Shaping Clothes

Postpartum hemorrhage lasts about five days, but within the normal range, the duration of bleeding is between three and ten days. This is because the physical quality of each maternal mother is different, so the bleeding duration of each maternal mother is also different. After 28 days postpartum, you can wear body shaping clothes, but don't wear body shaping clothes for a long time, which will have a bad impact on your body

How long does postpartum hemorrhage last

How Long Does Postpartum Hemorrhage Last and How Long Can You Wear Body Shaping Clothes 1

for pregnant women, it is necessary to have a good confinement. If the confinement is not done well, it will leave a lot of sequelae. In the end, it will hurt themselves. Therefore, we should not catch up with the trend and not have a confinement. Postpartum will generally have lochia, how long does postpartum hemorrhage last? The duration of postpartum lochia varies from person to person. If everything is normal, you can sit in confinement

how long does postpartum hemorrhage last?

according to experts, lochia turns pale after 1 week, which is called serous lochia. Lochia turns pale yellow after about 2 weeks, which is called white lochia and lasts for 2-3 weeks. In short, lochia should stop when the postpartum full moon. When the uterine involution is poor, or there is residual placenta, fetal membrane or infection in the uterine cavity, the amount of lochia increases, the duration is prolonged, and mixed with odor

types of postpartum lochia

How Long Does Postpartum Hemorrhage Last and How Long Can You Wear Body Shaping Clothes 2

1. Red lochia

in the first week of postpartum, the amount of lochia is large, the color is bright red, and contains a large amount of blood, small blood clots and necrotic decidual tissue, which is called red lochia. Bloody lochia lasted for three to four days, the amount of uterine bleeding gradually decreased, the serous increased, and turned into serous lochia

2. Serous lochia

within one week to half a month, the blood volume in lochia decreases, mostly necrotic decidua, cervical mucus, vaginal secretions and bacteria, making lochia turn into light red slurry. At this time, lochia is called serous lochia. Serous lochia lasts for about ten days, serous gradually decreases, leukocytes increase, and becomes lochia into white lochia

3. White lochia

after half a month to within three weeks, lochia no longer contains blood, but contains a large number of leukocytes, degenerated decidua, epidermal cells and bacteria, which makes lochia thick and white, so it is called white lochia. White lochia lasts for three weeks

how long does postpartum hemorrhage last? Maternal postpartum hemorrhage generally lasts about two weeks, which is also what we often call lochia. There are generally three colors of lochia, which are normal. If there is more than postpartum lochia and small abdominal pain, you need to go to the hospital for examination

How long can you wear body shaping clothes after delivery

generally speaking, female friends with good physical quality can wear body shaping clothes after a week after delivery. Of course, if a woman is delivered by caesarean section, she should wait until the wound heals, otherwise it will cause the wound to crack and seriously affect the recovery of her postpartum body. Properly wearing body shaping clothes can effectively tighten the enlarged pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, prevent excessive sagging under the internal organs, and promote the self recovery of the uterus. It is a better object for pregnant women to take care of their bodies. Generally speaking, women should not wear body shaping clothes too early after childbirth, which is not conducive to the recovery of the uterus. It's best to decide in combination with your recovery. They should consider wearing them after three months postpartum, and generally recover with reasonable exercise and diet. Generally, they can wear them if their physical quality is good and fast. If their physical recovery is not good, their recovery is relatively slow, You can't wear it. It's going to extend the time. It's best to go to the hospital regularly. It varies from person to person. If you don't wear it for too long, don't exceed 8 hours, so as to prevent the vulva from being airtight. But the body shaping clothes are not used to lose weight, but to help you correct your body shape

many mothers' body will be deformed after childbirth, so you need to take body shaping to resume the trial of this case, But don't rush to wear body shaping clothes after childbirth. How long can you wear body shaping clothes after childbirth? The time varies from person to person. It mainly includes whether caesarean section and breastfeeding are appropriate. If there is no breastfeeding after caesarean section, it is recommended to check the recovery of the uterus after two months. If it is normal, you can wear body shaping clothes. If breastfeeding, you should stop breastfeeding and then wear body shaping clothes. After natural childbirth, you should wait at least 42 days for inspection, And you can wear a corset when you're not breastfeeding

the corset has the effect of tightening muscles, so as to reduce fat and lose weight. But how long can I wear a corset after childbirth, which is effective and does not affect my health

there are several kinds of postpartum body shaping clothes, which are suitable for mothers at different stages and different physical conditions. For mothers who have just finished production and have not recovered, choose products containing more than 80% cotton, which will not stimulate the skin. Some products have the function of collecting stomach and protecting abdomen, and can also prevent their mothers from catching cold after childbirth. For mothers who have recovered well after the "month of birth", they can continue to use cotton body shaping clothing products, or choose the following two products:

1. Elastic fiber knitted body shaping clothing products generally contain spandex in the middle and low grades, and natural extracted fibers such as copper ammonia fiber and modal in the high grades. It is characterized by three-dimensional weaving and body shaping effect, especially the effect of abdominal and hip lifting. It is not tight. It can be worn as daily underwear without discomfort. It can be worn for a long time to lose weight and shape unknowingly

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