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How Long to Wear Postpartum Bound Clothes After Birth, and How Long to Wear Body Shaping Clothes Aft

How long do you wear body shaping clothes after abdominal planing? After caesarean section, the most concerned thing for female friends is how to restore their figure before pregnancy, how to achieve the effect of weight loss, and so on. This is understandable. Women are naturally beautiful. How can they allow themselves to become like this. However, in response to such demand in the market, many weight loss products are also coming. So how long do you wear body shaping clothes after planning your abdomen

How long do you wear body shaping clothes after abdominal planing

How Long to Wear Postpartum Bound Clothes After Birth, and How Long to Wear Body Shaping Clothes Aft 1

I believe that most postpartum mothers are most worried about postpartum slimming. Postpartum use of body shaping clothes is a good choice. Postpartum body shaping clothes will play a binding role in the recovery of maternal body shape. Postpartum mothers can bind their waist, hips and other places where fat is easy to accumulate, so as to delay the speed of postpartum obesity. With reasonable diet regulation and exercise fitness, the postpartum plastic effect is still good

six months postpartum is the best time to recover, and this is the best time to wear body shaping clothes. For pregnant women who have caesarean section, because they have to wait for the wound on the caesarean section to heal, the energy consumed and the role of endocrine will put the body in a state of high metabolism. After the lochia is drained and the caesarean section wound is healed, wearing body shaping clothes will effectively help the displaced internal organs return during pregnancy

after caesarean section, you can wear body shaping clothes as long as the wound is not painful or bleeding. Because caesarean section is different from spontaneous delivery, caesarean section needs suture. If the care is not good, it is very likely to cause wound dehiscence and bleeding. Therefore, you must wait until the wound is healed before wearing it, so as to avoid the compression on the wound and will not affect the recovery of internal organs

Diet precautions after cesarean section

1. Fasting within 6 hours after cesarean section, intestinal function is stimulated due to intestinal stimulation, intestinal peristalsis slows down, and there is gas in the intestinal cavity, which is easy to cause postoperative abdominal distention. After 6 hours, you should take some exhaust food (such as radish soup) to enhance intestinal peristalsis, promote exhaust, reduce abdominal distension and make your urine and urine unobstructed

How Long to Wear Postpartum Bound Clothes After Birth, and How Long to Wear Body Shaping Clothes Aft 2

2. Eat less of these foods: pregnant women should also eat less of foods that are easy to ferment and produce more gas, such as sugars, soybeans, soybean milk and starch, so as to prevent abdominal distension. At the same time, pregnant women should also control the intake of salt, such as pickled vegetables, prunes and other pickled things

3. Food suitable for eating: after the maternal exhaust, it is suitable to eat nutritious and digestible food, such as egg soup, rotten porridge, noodles, etc., and then gradually return to normal according to the maternal constitution

4. It is not suitable to take tonics before and after caesarean section, such as ginseng, pilose antler, Cordyceps sinensis and squid. Because ginseng tonics have cardiotonic and excitatory effects. Squid is rich in organic acid EPA, which can inhibit platelet aggregation and is not conducive to postoperative hemostasis and wound healing. The hot and sour food will stimulate the mother's weak gastrointestinal tract and cause a lot of discomfort; Eating too much sweets will not only affect the appetite, but also turn excess calories into fat, causing obesity

5. Other parturients shortly after caesarean section should not eat greasy meat soup and prolactin food such as chicken soup and crucian carp soup too early, which can be eaten 7-10 days after operation. After caesarean section, it is best to eat all foods and drinks, including fruits, warm. It is recommended to open the water with hot water before eating

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