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How the Stealth Bodysuit Is Changing Wintertime Dressing

As a big proponent of the (unofficial) "braless flawless" style campaign, my initial instinct is to eschew encumbering underpinnings altogether, no matter the season. But as the temps dip, there is nothing quite like a brisk chill to run down your spine to remind you that going bare is a style and a health hazard! This stealth alternative to piling on the bras and chunky thermals is the sleekest of options when trying to dress for the big freeze. A bra and underwear combo in one, the bodysuit lends support and is a chic heat reserve through the blistering cold. As's Associate Market Editor Anny Choi explains, a bodysuit underneath an outfit makes a huge difference, warmth-wise: "Even when I wear the warmest, chunkiest sweater and jeans, the cold breeze always sneaks in-my midriff gets especially, uncomfortably cold!" Better still, the bodysuit is a clever supplement to an ensemble, lending a bit of an unexpected surprise once revealed. When entering an overheated bar, for example, swiftly taking off a knit to uncover the body-skimming layer underneath can be the game-changing antidote to the "sleeping bag layers" we so often are beholden to during the colder months. It's slight, but it's a layer that proves impactful. Above, some of the best bodysuits that are sure to become second skin this winter.

How the Stealth Bodysuit Is Changing Wintertime Dressing 1

1. Why Do Girls/Women Wear The Stockings/Fishnets/Tights Under Their Leotard,Bodysuit & Skating Dress?

I wear fishnets a lot. with dress, short skirts and shorts. I find the best way is to wear either nude of off black pantyhose, all sheer, underneath. I also wear either a thong or a string bikini under fishnets. Why wear them at all? Because they look great.

2. How to Wear a Bodysuit

I think I remember wearing a bodysuit back in high school. It might have been crushed velvet. Yep. Definitely was. The whole concept of a bodysuit, admittedly, is a little odd. A leotard under your outfit? Another thing to unbutton during your 45 seconds of alone time (if you are lucky) when using the bathroom? That being said, I've been seeing them everywhere lately and decided to give them a second look. The verdict? They are chic and polished and can be worn a bajillion ways and therefore (you guessed it) I am deeming the bodysuit a versatile wardrobe staple. Or, in the very least, something you should reconsider. I am going to show you how to wear a bodysuit not one, but two ways. I created these looks around two basic bodysuits, one more casual and one more work appropriate. Abby also put together some fun graphics to show ways to accessorize each outfit for various occasions. In both outfits, I paired the bodysuit with looser bottom for more balance. When wearing something tight on the top, I like to wear something less form fitting on the bottom and visa versa. Ok, meet the bodysuit (or say, hello again, if it's been a while)... How to Wear a Bodysuit: Look 1 Polished Casual Bodysuit (also comes in striped/sleeveless/longsleeve) | High-Rise Cropped Wide Leg Jeans | Mules (Abby's DIY mules!) | Saddle Bag | Everyday Round Sunglasses | Black Onyx Ring | Tassel Earrings Layer this look with neutral accessories for a casual vibe. To elongate the leg when wearing a wide leg crop pant look for a nude sandal. A touch of peach lip gloss will add feminine flare. How to Wear a Bodysuit: Look 2 Workwear Chic Take this look to the office with a structured blazer and tortoise shades. For a night out or impromptu happy hour grab a bright clutch and comfy espadrille. Finish the look with a pop of red lip stain. More ways to wear bodysuits! (image is clickable!) Ok sound off. Thoughts on the bodysuit? Yay or nay?

How the Stealth Bodysuit Is Changing Wintertime Dressing 2

3. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

you liar....ive heard this question b4

4. I recently flew to Europe, wearing a tight black turtleneck bodysuit (leotard), boot cut jeans and suede booties. I got a few stares - why?

Suede booties that's why

5. i am thinking about buying myself a bodysuit from victoria secret, i've never wore one, are they comfy? (pic)

Well, you could go for it, and if you do not like it, just return it

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