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How to Choose the Size of Body Shaping Clothes After Delivery, and How Long Can You Take a Shower Af

Body shaping clothes are functional clothes made of elastic fabrics. For female friends, they have the effects of breast enhancement, abdomen contraction, waist reduction, hip lifting and beautiful legs. Therefore, female friends who have just given birth may choose to restore their figure by wearing body shaping clothes, but the size choice at this time is also not an easy choice for some women. Let's have a look

How to choose the size of body shaping clothes after childbirth

How to Choose the Size of Body Shaping Clothes After Delivery, and How Long Can You Take a Shower Af 1

when buying clothes, the most important thing is to buy the right size for themselves. However, some pregnant women need to buy suitable clothes after childbirth because they are fat. In postpartum, many pregnant women will buy body shaping clothes to restore their figure. So how to choose the size chart for postpartum body shaping clothes

when shopping for body shaping underwear, you must go to the counter. Please ask the underwear consultant to measure the size of each circumference of the body on site (not across the coat), and select and try on different underwear according to personal body shape characteristics until the most suitable one is selected. You can't buy underwear with your usual body measurement data, because your body is not invariable, and your measurement may not be accurate and professional. You can't take the data measured by this brand to buy the body shaping underwear of that brand, because the measurement methods of body shaping underwear of different brands may be different, and the size settings of body shaping underwear are also different. Just choose the model with appropriate tightness

What is the effect of postpartum yoga on weight loss

the advantage of postpartum yoga is that the supporting tissues and ligaments of the pelvic floor are in a relatively loose state, making it easier to complete some postures. Regular and moderate yoga training helps new mothers eliminate the physical and psychological problems caused by being a mother, such as physical recovery, insomnia, emotional changes caused by hormonal imbalance, and the battle of taking care of newborns. The following is my own summary of abdominal slimming methods

many people's intestines and stomach are very sensitive, especially women, resulting in frequent intestinal functional diseases, which are always mistaken for colitis. The best prevention method is to have a correct posture when eating, eat slowly, have a quiet environment (such as turning off the TV) and chew fully

How to Choose the Size of Body Shaping Clothes After Delivery, and How Long Can You Take a Shower Af 2

nowadays, the fashionable cooking is half cooked, which makes the starch unable to be destroyed. The starch sugar in most vegetables and grains accumulates in the large intestine to produce carbon dioxide, which can easily lead to abdominal bulge after eating

yogurt and fermented milk can activate the substances necessary for digestion and help to improve the intestinal microbial system, so as to prevent abdominal bulge

when drinking aerated drinks or chewing gum, you will swallow a lot of air, especially the polyols contained in gum, which will not be digested by the small intestine

walking and drinking water are conducive to flat abdomen. At the same time, you can do circular massage in your abdomen every day

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