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How to Identify Radiation Protective Clothing for Pregnant Women

Because modern life is full of radiation technology and electromagnetic products, many pregnant women will buy a radiation protection suit in order to protect their unborn fetus from these radiation. They will wear this radiation protection suit anytime and anywhere, whether they are in front of the computer at work or when they go out at ordinary times. They think this can ensure everything, So how to identify radiation protective clothing for pregnant women?

How to identify radiation protective clothing for pregnant women

1. Look at the anti-counterfeiting label of the radiation suit. Check whether it is genuine through the anti-counterfeiting label.

2. After the mobile phone is tightly wrapped, most mobile phone signals are attenuated, but not necessarily completely wrapped.

3. The radiation proof clothing of metal fiber can be detected by burning small sample cloth. After burning, it can be seen that the metal mesh is evenly distributed, rather than turning into ash like ordinary fabrics.

4. Put the mobile phone next to the audio or radio. When the phone is just connected, it will interfere with the audio or radio and produce noise. If you wrap the mobile phone with genuine anti radiation clothing and test it, you will find that this interference disappears.

5. The principle of most anti radiation suits is that good metal conductors can reflect electromagnetic waves, so genuine anti radiation suits have conductivity when tested with a multimeter.

6. According to the latest industry standards, the certainty of mobile phone signal detection method has been clearly regarded as a non scientific method, that is, the radiation protection clothing that can cover mobile phone signals is not necessarily good, so do not use this method for detection.

Benefits of radiation protective clothing for pregnant women

1. Shielding effect: the biggest function of radiation protection clothing is to have an obvious shielding effect on 2.45GHz electromagnetic wave and protect the health of women and fetus.

2. It can protect the female uterus, embryo and other reproductive systems from electromagnetic radiation, so that the endocrine system and related muscles can operate normally.

3. Psychological effect: by wearing high-efficiency shielding anti radiation clothes, expectant mummies can not worry about the harm brought by radiation to their babies and themselves. The psychological burden of expectant mummies is reduced, which is conducive to the normal development of their babies.

4. Dressing effect: the current radiation protection clothing abandons the rigidity and bloated of traditional maternity clothes, and combines classic and popular elements. The design style is simple and atmospheric. It can become beautiful travel equipment.

Radiation protection clothing is an important protective barrier for pregnant women and fetus. When purchasing radiation protection clothing, you must know how to identify and select, so that the purchased radiation protection clothing can have an effective protective effect. At the same time, you can select appropriate radiation protection clothing according to your body characteristics and physical changes during pregnancy, Let yourself maintain a good image and good mood during pregnancy.

How to Identify Radiation Protective Clothing for Pregnant Women 1

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