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How to Lace My Converses?[pic]?

Just lace them reguarly, just do not go the whole way up. Tie the remaining laces underneath the bottom tongue

How to Lace My Converses?[pic]? 1

1. Are lace front wigs comfortable to wear?

Pink Lace Front Wigs

2. Advice on knitting this lace shawl?

bypass to a needlework shop. particularly some shops have on internet site instructions, a lot of varieties, yarns, and all the knitting needles you ought to ever choose...alongside with particularly some suggestion. this is the excellent place to start

How to Lace My Converses?[pic]? 2

3. How to clean/restore old lace doilies?

mainly water. Good Water. are they silk? eye loupe it and see what it is. you got city cholorine water or a good well? distilled water with a couple drops vinegar to acidically change it is safe. soak, rinse, dry in white bond paper sandwiched, (like a super light book pressing.). repeat that. is the material darkened now? soaps will have residue, and then again its all about your water.

4. I need a lace up corset for my wedding?

Ebay has some good ones for good prices. Did you look in a bridal shop? That's where I got my corset, and it is definitely function. And perhaps they would know where to get one custom made, if they do not have one you care for.

5. Which shoe lace goes better with this shoe?

I like it best with the black and white combination shoe lace,they make them pop and more noticeable

6. satin or lace which do you like?

nice combination of both

7. What do you think is in style? (teeeens ! :D )?

In: Lace. Lace is huggeee right now, it's literally everywhere. Out: Plaid. I am sick of seeing it everywhere. To be honest, create your own style from things you like. If you like to wear things that are 'out', do it. Do not just be another teeny bopper who looks the same as everyone else i.e a&f pullover, a&f shorts, a&f flipflops. Have fun with it, and get whatever you like.

8. How does this dress lace up?

its so pretty, i love it!!! it laces together just like a corset or just like a shoe lace

9. how to lace my converses?[pic]?

like u lace anyother shoe!

10. What goes with a Pencil Skirt?

the classic look for a pencil skirt would be a nice white shirt/blouse - it can be dressed up with ruffles or lace etc or you could try a bow blouse - maybe something with a stripe. Check out some of the online catalogs like Spiegel, Chadwicks, Newport news, Boston Proper etc. for some style ideas.

11. How to do that headband lace braid thing? Teens!?

Some girls trick u and use a headband the colour of their hair, u can get them in Amy accessories shop.. Other someone who knows how to braid to show u

12. Need help- outfit for a party!?

Well, your dress has a sort of vintage feel to it, so I would say go with that vibe and put on a worn-in black leather jacket, perhaps even a bomber jacket, and those vintage-y lace up military style boots, or doc martens, or maybe even converse sneakers. And I would say go with a neon or floral pattern boots/sneakers, to give the outfit a pop of color. And definitely accesorize, with lots of bracelets OR necklaces thrown together, or perhaps with those oversize vintage rings and dangly earrings. Go very simple on hair and make up. Have fun ! :).

13. Could this scarf be worn only in winter?

Omg no! Lol this could DEFINATELY be worn all year round. The color is bright and it's cute :) PAir it with some florals or lace and it will look fantastic! White scarves can also be worn all year round, depending on the material and design though. DO not wear a puffy and thick scarf in the spring when it's meant for winter

14. How to propagate lace cap hydrangea?

Unfortunately you should have planted the cuttings in soil from the beginning. Yes plant then. Use a 3/4 to 1 gallon nursery pot for each cutting. Fill to within 1" of the top with all purpose potting soil. Each cutting should be 6" to 8" long. Bury 1/2 of the cutting in the soil. If you have long cuttings 12" to 16" long, make a straight cut 6" to 8" from the bottom just above a leaf node. Trim the bottom of the cutting to a slanted cut just below a leaf node. That will give you more cuttings to work with. Keep you cuttings evenly moist but not soggy until they begin to sprout leaves. When leaves sprout your plant needs sun. For hydrangea morning sun is better. When my aunt's home was sold I did just that. I got permission to thin some of her heirloom day lilies and amaryllis. I also took cuttings from her Camellia's. Good luck

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