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How to Use Postpartum Plastic Abdominal Belt? Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes Should Be Worn for Sev

There are many mothers who have just given birth and pay attention to their body. They must plastic their abdomen during confinement, which can shape their abdomen well to prevent abdominal sagging and facilitate the recovery of pelvis. However, if the plastic abdominal belt is used for too long, the blood will not circulate and dyspnea will occur. How should the plastic abdominal belt be used correctly after delivery

How to use the postpartum plastic abdominal band

How to Use Postpartum Plastic Abdominal Belt? Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes Should Be Worn for Sev 1

be sure to slowly push the abdominal muscles and deep uterus up from the pubic position with the palms of both hands, and then strengthen and fix the abdominal band from the pubic position. Never tie only the stomach and upper abdomen, but omit the most important lower abdomen, which will cause the uterus to hang down; In addition, the applied pressure also starts to tighten the lower abdomen (from below the navel to the pubic bone). At this time, the force is large (tied tightly). When it comes to the stomach, the force is loose, that is, the principle of tightening down and loosening up will not push the organs of the body to the lower part instead

it can be used after delivery. On the one hand, the muscles that relieve pain will be more powerful for pregnant women to get up and go to the toilet or eat. After getting up and washing, you can use the abdominal band, but remember, before going to sleep at night, you must take off the abdominal band. You can't use it all day, but it's bad for the circulation of the body; On the other hand, it is easy to produce discomfort and itching for the skin prone to sweating, and the change of posture during sleep will also cause the displacement of the abdominal band, but it can not achieve the purpose and effect of use

Some people think that the longer the body shaping clothes are worn, the better the body shaping effect is. In fact, it is not. Wearing body shaping clothes for too long will affect blood circulation, hinder skin breathing, and be prone to skin diseases. It is best to use them within 8 hours a day, and don't wear them every day. Moreover, if you wear it for too long, the body shaping clothes will also slow down the basic metabolism of the human body

you can see the effect immediately by wearing body shaping clothes, but if you want to lose weight, you should persevere in whatever way you take, and wearing body shaping clothes is no exception. It is recommended to wear it 8 hours a day and allocate it 8-10 times by yourself. Generally, it is best to go back to the store every month and ask professionals to measure it for you. Slowly, you will see that the body shaping clothes will become loose and the size will become smaller

a good product can last two years. However, there are some unqualified products that will become deformed and not close to your body after wearing for a few months. The merchant may tell you because you are thin. But the body shaping underwear sewn with memory alloy will change with your body shape for a long time. Therefore, when your body shaping clothes soon deform, you should doubt that what you buy is inferior

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