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How to Wash Radiation Proof Clothes

Many pregnant mothers understand the importance of radiation protection clothing, but it is often easy to stop at this step without going deep. They often know that radiation protection clothes can be washed, but they don't know how to wash them. Maybe you who are in this part are also one of them! In fact, after using up the radiation protection clothing, it should be cleaned correctly to ensure that it will not be damaged, so as to continue the next use. Improper cleaning will affect the service life of radiation protection clothing. So, how to wash the radiation protection clothes?

1. Pure water washing: the washing of radiation protection clothing has requirements for water quality. If we buy silver fiber radiation protection clothing, we must use purified water or cold boiled water. Because some tap water contains chloride ions, we should reduce the damage of alkali and chlorine to silver.

2. Use neutral laundry detergent: when washing, you can put an appropriate amount of neutral laundry detergent, shampoo or laundry detergent for a short time. By all means, silver fiber radiation proof clothes cannot be cleaned with washing powder or soap. If we buy metal fiber radiation proof clothes, we can wash them directly with ordinary neutral detergent and washing powder.

3. Do not machine wash: whether it is metal fiber anti radiation clothing or silver fiber anti radiation clothing, we should wash it by hand. Do not rub or machine wash it, because the anti radiation clothing contains special metal materials. If we rub or machine wash it hard, it is easy to damage the metal wire.

After washing, we don't twist and twist. We can directly lift the anti radiation suit in the water and hang it in the indoor ventilation. Whether it is metal fiber anti radiation suit or silver fiber anti radiation suit, we must not expose it to the sun. If it is exposed to the sun, it will easily lead to the oxidation of the anti radiation suit, so as to reduce the anti radiation effect of the anti radiation suit.

Note: ironing is not recommended for silver fiber radiation proof clothing. Ironing for metal fiber should be at medium temperature, but the temperature should not exceed 150 degrees. Whether it is metal fiber radiation protection clothing or silver fiber radiation protection clothing, wash or not wash as little as possible. To prevent improper washing from affecting the shielding effect of radiation protection clothing. Silver fiber radiation protection clothing can not avoid oxidation when exposed to the air. Blackening or yellowing of the fabric is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the radiation protection effect. It is recommended to wear it with a bottomed shirt, avoid wearing it close to the body as far as possible, and seal it when not worn.

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