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How to Wash Radiation Proof Clothes

Many pregnant mothers understand the importance of radiation protection clothing, but it is often easy to stop at this step without going deep. They often know that radiation protection clothes can be washed, but they don't know how to wash them. Maybe you who are in this part are also one of them! In fact, after using up the radiation protection clothing, it should be cleaned correctly to ensure that it will not be damaged, so as to continue the next use. Improper cleaning will affect the service life of radiation protection clothing. So, how to wash the radiation protection clothes?

1. Pure water washing: the washing of radiation protection clothing has requirements for water quality. If we buy silver fiber radiation protection clothing, we must use purified water or cold boiled water. Because some tap water contains chloride ions, we should reduce the damage of alkali and chlorine to silver.

2. Use neutral laundry detergent: when washing, you can put an appropriate amount of neutral laundry detergent, shampoo or laundry detergent for a short time. By all means, silver fiber radiation proof clothes cannot be cleaned with washing powder or soap. If we buy metal fiber radiation proof clothes, we can wash them directly with ordinary neutral detergent and washing powder.

3. Do not machine wash: whether it is metal fiber anti radiation clothing or silver fiber anti radiation clothing, we should wash it by hand. Do not rub or machine wash it, because the anti radiation clothing contains special metal materials. If we rub or machine wash it hard, it is easy to damage the metal wire.

After washing, we don't twist and twist. We can directly lift the anti radiation suit in the water and hang it in the indoor ventilation. Whether it is metal fiber anti radiation suit or silver fiber anti radiation suit, we must not expose it to the sun. If it is exposed to the sun, it will easily lead to the oxidation of the anti radiation suit, so as to reduce the anti radiation effect of the anti radiation suit.

Note: ironing is not recommended for silver fiber radiation proof clothing. Ironing for metal fiber should be at medium temperature, but the temperature should not exceed 150 degrees. Whether it is metal fiber radiation protection clothing or silver fiber radiation protection clothing, wash or not wash as little as possible. To prevent improper washing from affecting the shielding effect of radiation protection clothing. Silver fiber radiation protection clothing can not avoid oxidation when exposed to the air. Blackening or yellowing of the fabric is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the radiation protection effect. It is recommended to wear it with a bottomed shirt, avoid wearing it close to the body as far as possible, and seal it when not worn.

How to choose radiation protection clothing? After getting the radiation protection clothing, you need to check the following marks to identify whether it is genuine.

1. Look at the anti-counterfeiting label of the radiation suit. Through the anti-counterfeiting label, you can call the manufacturer to determine which Dealer purchased the goods from. This method can only preliminarily determine the genuine products. Then see if the tag and appraisal (small) are intact.

2. After the mobile phone is tightly wrapped, most mobile phone signals are attenuated, but not necessarily completely wrapped.

3. The radiation proof clothing of metal fiber can be detected by burning small sample cloth. After burning, it can be seen that the metal mesh is evenly distributed without turning into ash like ordinary fabrics (only applicable to metal fiber blended fabrics).

4. Put the mobile phone next to the audio or radio. When the phone is just connected, it will interfere with the audio or radio and produce noise. If you wrap the mobile phone with genuine anti radiation clothing and test it, you will find that this interference disappears.

5. The principle of most anti radiation suits is that good metal conductors can reflect electromagnetic waves, so genuine anti radiation suits have conductivity when tested with a multimeter. Measure the conductivity of clothes. Radiation proof fabrics are essentially different from ordinary fabrics and have good conductivity. Users can take the clothes to the home appliance maintenance department and ask the master to test the conductivity of clothes with a universal meter. Ordinary clothes have no conductivity. When tested with a multimeter, the resistance is less than 50 Ω.

6. According to the latest industry standards, the certainty of mobile phone signal detection method has been clearly regarded as a non scientific method, that is, the radiation protection clothing that can cover mobile phone signals is not necessarily good, so do not use this method for detection. Many people think that it is not possible to use mobile phones as the protection standard for identifying radiation protective clothing. In fact, this is incorrect. The correct method is much more complicated: first, use your mobile phone to dial someone else's phone. You must be in the call. At this time, the mobile phone is a strong radiation source; Secondly, turn on the radio or turn on the hands-free phone. When you approach them with your mobile phone, you can hear obvious screams. If you can't hear them, you can change a hands-free or find a speaker. In short, you must hear the screams before you can go to the next step; Finally, wrap your clothes around your mobile phone, and the scream disappears.

Several generations of popular products on the market, the first generation, multi ion (already eliminated); Second generation, coating (poor air permeability); The third generation, stainless steel and metal fiber blended (the most popular, about to be replaced); The fourth generation, silver fiber (also known as silver ion, is the latest product). It mainly includes the following categories:

(1) Multi ion is an obsolete product. I don't know it in detail, but I don't know it very well. I won't say more.

(2) Coated radiation protection maternity clothing:

Advantages: good shielding effect of electromagnetic wave in new time; Disadvantages: airtight

(3) Radiation protection maternity wear features of metal fiber:

(1) The material is mostly stainless steel

(2) The fiber content is from 20% to 35%, which achieves a certain effect of shielding electromagnetic radiation. It is easy to see a trace of gray black line with poor coloring in light colored fabrics

(3) It can be washed directly and has certain air permeability.

Disadvantages: the quality is not easy to distinguish, the fabric feels hard, the color is not like pure cotton fabric, which can be dyed into many designs and colors, and the color is gray and biased. Not suitable for warm weather.

(4) Advantages of silver fiber anti radiation maternity clothing: good anti radiation effect, light, breathable, soft, washable, antibacterial and deodorizing.

Disadvantages: the price is small and expensive, and silver is easy to oxidize (there will be yellow or black in some parts, which has little impact on the protection effect).

To sum up, metal fiber and silver fiber fabrics are the most suitable for maternity wear.

How to wear radiation protective clothing for pregnant women is scientific. In fact, it is similar to the principle of purchase. It is not necessary to wear radiation protective clothing when there is no or almost no chance of long-term radiation exposure; If the environmental radiation is weak, you should still wear radiation protective clothing during pregnancy preparation (2 3 months before pregnancy) and early pregnancy, even if you don't wear it in the late pregnancy before delivery; If the environmental radiation is strong and may be exposed to radiation for a long time, you should wear pregnant women's radiation protective clothing during pregnancy and pregnancy to avoid unnecessary risks.

So many expectant mothers will ask, which environment has strong radiation? First, look at the living environment. Generally, the housing area is 50 80 square meters, the number of household appliances is normal (i.e. for the purpose of meeting the basic needs of life), the household appliances are placed reasonably, and the power supply is not turned on at the same time when it is unnecessary. The electromagnetic radiation is not too high, but the refrigerator that is powered on for a long time, as well as the main computer box at work The radiation near microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens will still be relatively high. Therefore, what expectant mothers should do at home is to keep an appropriate distance from the above-mentioned appliances with strong radiation, avoid long-term contact, and unplug the power socket when they do not use these appliances. Radiation proof maternity clothes can be worn selectively. For example, they can be worn when operating household appliances and computers, and they can also be worn when resting and doing housework far away from electrical appliances at work. Secondly, looking at the working environment, the environmental monitoring personnel once disclosed to the radiation protection 360 network that according to the detection of the radiation of the office building, the radiation of the large office with the concentration of computers and other electronic office equipment far exceeds that of the computer room, which is a dangerous signal for expectant mothers. Therefore, if you are in such a working environment when browsing this article, this site still suggests that you wear Maternity radiation protection clothes at work. In addition, don't stay in such an office and go out more during the break.

When purchasing and wearing radiation protective clothing for pregnant women, expectant mothers should clarify the following points:

First, you don't have to wear radiation proof clothes when sleeping in a bedroom without electrical work, which is not good for you and your baby;

Second, it is not necessary to wear radiation proof clothes outdoors. It is very beneficial and necessary to let the body have more contact with sunshine and fresh air;

Third, don't fold easily when wearing radiation protection clothing again, which will cause metal wire fracture and greatly reduce the radiation protection effect;

Fourth, if the economic conditions are not a problem, it is recommended to buy silver fiber radiation protection clothes produced by regular brands, because compared with stainless steel metal fiber radiation protection clothes, most silver fiber radiation protection clothes of regular brands have good air permeability, high content of silver fiber, good radiation protection effect, more delicate touch, sterilization and deodorization, warm in winter and cool in summer, Radiation protection clothing is used to protect the safety of mothers and babies. Of course, be good to yourself.

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