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How Would You Create an Armored Bodysuit and Is It Possible?

My little sci-fi fantasy runs something like this.A DARPA exoskeleton once the power source kinks get worked out.The Air Force's recent personal cooling system. A Kevlar under-layer about level II thickness.Ceramic plates on the chest and sides with polycarbonate on the areas not normally covered, hips, shoulders, etc. And most important, pockets and pouches or MOLLE/PALS. It would be a bitch to take all this stuff off so you want to have everything outside the suit

How Would You Create an Armored Bodysuit and Is It Possible? 1

1. Can I get a girl to rub my legs in pantyhose and my back in a bodysuit?

First of all, how old is your sister? They will probably laugh you out of the room. You need to be discrete and offer to give one of them a massage, then get them to return the favor

2. Wedding Dress. Where to buy a lace bodysuit to wear under?

they could probably tailer a body suite for ur need

How Would You Create an Armored Bodysuit and Is It Possible? 2

3. Who was the guy with the muscle bodysuit on PBS?

Muscle Bodysuit

4. What do you think of me wearing a cheerleading bodysuit as underwear?

i would probably wear it under something not as an actual shirt, but it is weird that you bought them, i probably woulndnt tell my parents, unless your gay, then its normal. but no i dont think you should go around telling people, theyh wont get it

5. I'm a boy and I love to wear things like leotard, bodysuit...?

okay is a leotard? haha if you are attracted to girls then you are not gay, but normal boy probably not but who cares everyone's weird in their own way

6. Sheer 3/4 sleeve bodysuit for under wedding dress?

I've seen the dresses MADE w/ the sheer bodice above the strapless gown, but never an actual bodysuit. Try the lingerie at Visctorias Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood.....for sme reason I remember seeing a sheer bodysuit on a site like that. ...could have been eons ago tho.

7. where do i find a black bodysuit?

I am pretty sure you would be able too buy one for that price at a second hand shop by the beach, they always have those shops and you might find a bodysuit there with the surfboards

8. Iu2019ve got a red see-through bodysuit and donu2019t know what to where underneath it. What should I wear?

Shaune Fisk gave the same answer as i have done...If you bought a see-through bodysuit, then you must think you have the body to wear it..So you cannot wear anything under the suit if you wear it out with no clothing underneath then think how your confidence will soar and you will love all the attention that you will get..Also if you like to send us here some selfies so that we can assure you that you are doing the right thing.

9. Where can I buy a bodysuit dress shirt?

No idea since that idea is quite unique.... But you can get great bodysuits from American Apparel

10. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

are you a female? if so - then you should be wearing a training bra. it sounds absurd - i have never heard of such a thing. if it feels wrong to you - then i probably is! you could talk to your school nurse or a teacher about and let it run it's course from there.

11. Do you wear a bodysuit to class?

People should wear what they are comfortable in

12. how do i put on a really tight bodysuit?

Go nude under it, otherwise you will have unsightly lines. Get your legs into it first, then get it over your tummy, then arms. Get someone to zip you up... Enjoy ;)

13. would floral leggings go with a black lace bodysuit?

I think it would go better with a skirt (maybe white or black) and some heels

14. Where can I get a dance leotard/bodysuit like this?

wow people actually wear that? gross

15. Where can I find a long sleeve leopard bodysuit/leotard?

No, because leopard skin has black and you should not ever wear dark blue with black. A deep red would work. Not dark blue

16. What age was your baby/toddler when you stopped using bodysuit vests with the poppers under the crotch?

My son is 18-months and I stopped just a few weeks ago. The biggest size they have is 24 months, and he had already outgrown them! Now he just wears shirt/pants with a diaper. No undershirt.

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