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I Just Bought My First Bodysuit and I Was Wandering Are U Suppose to Wear Panties Under Them Or No.?

It's optional...If you have snaps on the bottom, then you might try it out for a few hours first to find if the snaps irritate any. Pantyhose might alleviate the irritation if it appears

I Just Bought My First Bodysuit and I Was Wandering Are U Suppose to Wear Panties Under Them Or No.? 1

1. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

its your body not your mothers and you do not have to wear it if you do not want to...your mom might now approve but who's body is it hers or yours? who has control over what goes on your body?

2. Can I use my free will to choose to wear an asbestos bodysuit when I get to Hell?

And cover up that fashionable tux ?!?

I Just Bought My First Bodysuit and I Was Wandering Are U Suppose to Wear Panties Under Them Or No.? 2

3. Midna costume? Spandex, long sleeved FULL bodysuit?

OK, I am wondering if you are talking about the Body Shapers like as in the lingerie dept ? I share a secret with you, If your gonna wear one, DON'T TELL anyone,

4. Is this bride's flashy bodysuit too skimpy for a wedding?

A bride-to-be has divided social media users with her teeny-tiny wedding attire. The bride, who is unidentified but believed to be from the US, is holding a beach wedding and decided to embrace the locale by wearing a strapless bodysuit - which has a very intricate, glitzy design but also shows as much skin as a one-piece bathing suit. But ahead of her big day, she shared a video of herself at her final fitting on Facebook - prompting dozens of women to chime in on her choice after the clip was shared in a wedding-shaming group by an acquaintance from Jacksonville, Florida. The Facebook user, whose relationship with the bride is not clear, spotted the fitting video on Facebook and shared in a group called 'That's it, I am wedding shaming (non ban-happy edition).' The clip shows the bride in a showroom, standing on a pedestal in front of a mirror and modeling her bridal look. The very unconventional wedding-day outfit is comprised of bodysuit that hits at the very top of the thigh. It's strapless with a sweetheart neckline and has a bit of a ruffled peplum along the bottom. The bodysuit is distinctly 'bridal,' if a bodysuit could ever bee bridal: It's white and off-white, with a swirly design over the front and back glitzy embellishments. The bride-to-be smiles in the video, standing on her tip-toes while wearing a pair of ornate white sandals. There outfit also had a removable 'skirt' which fastens at the waist and covers the back half of her legs in sparkly layers of tulle. 'This is her finished wedding dress,' wrote the acquaintance who shared the video in the wedding-shaming group. Adding a cringing emoji, she went on: 'She had a beach wedding but that romper is a little too short.' Commenters, however, were split in their opinions about it. 'The [bodice] is amazing... but yeah... I do not need to see your vag at your wedding,' wrote one. 'Gurrrl, you better get you some clothes on before your MILK and her family have an en masse hissy fit! That is just tacky!' wrote another. 'I hate it,' commented a third, while a fourth wrote: 'Yo she look dumb af.' 'I love her confidence but the dress is a nope,' said one more. But while there were certainly naysayers, a surprising number of commenters said they were not mad at it - and if they had the bride's body, they might do the same. 'Psh. Her body is amazing. I think she looks great but I just think it looks really rigid and uncomfortable,' wrote one. 'She's a WHOLE A*** FOUR COURSE MEAL DAMN, If I was her I would probably wear some s*** like that too,' wrote another. 'Honestly the piece itself is gorgeous. She seems thrilled, and it fits her beautifully,' added another supportive woman. Others called it 'cute,' 'adorable,' and 'amazing,' with one writing: 'I wanted to hate this. I really did. But it's kind of amazing.' A few pointed out that it is a beach wedding, after all, and they thought she could get away with it. 'She looks good and I love that it's one of a kind. Actually kinda impressive... no shame here,' one said. 'If it was not a beach wedding, then yeah this is crazy, but it fits the theme so...' wrote another. Last month, another bride faced criticism for her risqu gown, which dipped so low in the back that it showed the top of her backside. Many referred to the outfit as a 'hooker butt crack dress' and said it belonged at a 'strip show', not a wedding. Members in the wedding shaming group also commented on the fact that one false move could lead to her showing off more than she bargained for. 'What? You do not want your family to be able to kiss your a** with ease at your backyard wedding?' one person said. 'Honestly I do not care how hot you are, showing the tip of your butt crack is NEVER a good look,' said another. Some group members commented on the fact that they would never be able to wear something so revealing in front of their family. 'She does look great and can pull it off but it's weird to show one's a**crack at an event that presumably includes all of one's elderly relatives,' one person said. Many commenters said that there was 'no way' you would be able to see her 'butt crack' as there is a panel attached stopping it from happening. A few, though, said that if she had the body for it there was no reason not to wear it. 'She looks great! Let her enjoy being attractive on her wedding day!' one person said. 'Just easier to rip off when you get to the hotel room. Plus five points for efficiency,' said another.

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