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I Recently Flew to Europe, Wearing a Tight Black Turtleneck Bodysuit (leotard), Boot Cut Jeans and S

"leotards were originally created by a man for men and were adopted much later by women" So were high heels. Fashion changes.

I Recently Flew to Europe, Wearing a Tight Black Turtleneck Bodysuit (leotard), Boot Cut Jeans and S 1

1. is it normal for a guy to wear pantyhose/spandex/bodysuit/latex and masterbate in them?

Um.. No... I do not guess so... That's just really really really ReAlLy REALLY weird... REALLY WEIRD... That's just.... WEIRD.... WhatTheCrap?

2. Where to buy catsuit or full bodysuit?

Britney's outfit looks like it's either rubber or leather. You should try a fetish store. For future reference here are our equivalents when you have the time to buy online

I Recently Flew to Europe, Wearing a Tight Black Turtleneck Bodysuit (leotard), Boot Cut Jeans and S 2

3. what do wear with a lace bodysuit?!?!?!!?

With a black lace body suit, you can match it by wearing: - black tights - black bra - black boots Make sure everything you wear is tight to accentuate the sexy of such a piece of clothing.

4. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

She's your mom, and she can do whatever she wants to you. I do not think it's child abuse. When you are a mom, you can be mean to your kid, and make her wear a bodysuit, or you can be nice, and not make her. But, for now, you will have to go with your moms decisions. Life ai not fair, hun. But, um, from another veiwpoint, it is unfair, and if it hurts you, you can talk to someone - but remember to be calm, cool, and collected. Why do you have to wear it? Do you have, like, some sort of problem? Good luck.

5. Which size bodysuit should I buy for my baby in the summer?

i would be going by what size he will be in 3mths time, and buy clothes for that size to wear now. That way he will get a full summer and some of the next season out of the clothes. that's why i would be looking at the next size 12-18months.

6. If I wear a bodysuit and pantyhose under my clothes, should I let any girls know?

I would suggest the assistant principle

7. Where can I find a pleather bodysuit?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find a pleather bodysuit? I want to dress as Lady Gaga for Be What You're Not Day for my school's spirit week, but all of her usual outfits aside from the bodysuits are not appropriate for school. So does anyone know where I can buy a pleather/leather bodysuit?

8. What age was your baby/toddler when you stopped using bodysuit vests with the poppers under the crotch?

About 8 months. I really liked them when she was a little bitty baby. And during her first winter I felt they were the best way to make sure her little tummy did not get exposed to the cold wind. But after that first winter - I just felt a t-shirt and shorts were easier to deal with at diaper change times. I am not sure what you are talking about by "normal vests." I put her in baby t-shirts / under shirts for most of the summer. When fall came I got some cute little jackets & pants and continued to put the t-shirt under them.

9. GIRLS , i wanna buy myself a bodysuit from victoria secret, (blousepanties), anyone wore it before? is it com

Get one and let me see you in it(=

10. What will my parents say if I wear a bodysuit and pantyhose?

only one way to find out just do it. are they your own bought by you ? if they are your sisters bodysuit and pantyhose they may freak out more. do they know you like to wear that kind of outfits they may think your gay or have problems and want you to get help. best to keep it to yourself unless your really set on doing it, but wear under your clothes first and ask if you can do it.

11. Looking for a flesh colored bodysuit for a toddler?

i think walmart or models may have them!

12. Are ripped jeans and a bodysuit cute and trendy for a Taylor Swift concert?

Yesss!!!!Are ripped jeans and a bodysuit cute and trendy for a Taylor Swift concert?

13. What to wear with a bodysuit?

wear them with short chino shorts you can get them from jcrew that are very cute i have bright neon green/yellow ones that would look great with you body suit, vest and maybe a big belt and bangles :) good luck

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