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Is It Good to Exercise in Body Shaping Clothes

Now many people choose to wear body shaping clothes when they exercise in order to lose weight better. But when the body shaping clothes are worn on the body, they actually strangle the meat. If the amount of exercise is too large and the blood is not smooth, it is easy to have problems. So, is it good to exercise in body shaping clothes? Next, Xiaobian will talk about those things about body shaping clothes

It's not good to exercise in body shaping clothes

Is It Good to Exercise in Body Shaping Clothes 1

it's not good to exercise in body shaping clothes

after wearing the body shaping clothes for a long time, you can look thinner, but the actual weight has little impact. You can't wear them for exercise. Because the clothes are relatively tight, it is not conducive to circulation and breathing. During exercise, the muscles of the whole body demand a lot of blood and oxygen. If you wear the body shaping clothes, it will seriously affect the effect of exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not wear body shaping clothes when exercising. It is recommended to use body shaping clothes carefully

1. Long term tight waist will squeeze waist fat, hinder waist blood circulation, easily lead to chronic psoas muscle strain, compress gastrointestinal tract, affect blood oxygen supply and normal peristalsis, and lead to loss of appetite and indigestion

2. Young women wearing slimming clothes for a long time will cause certain pressure on the pelvic reproductive system, directly affect the blood circulation system and lead to poor pelvic blood circulation. For women who have not given birth, poor pelvic blood circulation will cause pelvic congestion, uterine dysplasia and other diseases, and even infertility in serious cases

Is It Good to Exercise in Body Shaping Clothes 2

3. Wearing thin clothes for a long time will cause gynecological diseases, because tight underwear will accumulate female vaginal secretions, which cannot be distributed in a wet and stuffy environment, which will stimulate the vulva and cause vulvitis. Moreover, if the body shaping clothes are too tight, it is easy to wear the skin inside the thigh, causing dermatitis and bacterial infection. Retrograde infection will induce vaginitis, pelvic inflammation and other diseases, resulting in infertility

What are the functions of body shaping clothes

1. Breast enhancement - it can prevent chest deformation

high elastic fabric and U-shaped chest support design can effectively pull and deform, expand and sag the chest. At the same time, it covers the auxiliary breast, holds high and focuses on breast enhancement and beauty

2. Stomach retraction - it can prevent overeating

the design of high waist and long style, combined with super elastic fiber, can instantly retract the protruding stomach and immediately perfect the curve. If you want to attend the party immediately without missing delicious food, it is undoubtedly the most ideal emergency essential

3. Abdominal retraction - it can prevent the waist from becoming thicker

according to the ergonomics, medicine and aesthetic test, women have more abdominal fat. Reasonable and scientific pressurized fabrics can more effectively improve the skin firmness, beautify the body, shape a slim and beautiful figure, compact the body, show a beautiful body, and show a sexy and charming woman

4. Hip lifting - the hip can be rounded and upturned

the three-dimensional hip cup design guides the hip fat to the most ideal position. At the same time, the left and right sides of the hip contract the outer meat inward with a strong pressure structure, and effectively tighten the fat of the hip, showing the rounded and upturned curve of the hip

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