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Is It Inappropriate to Wear Only My Cheerleading Bodysuit and Pantyhose Around the House?

I do not see any problems with it - Go for it!

Is It Inappropriate to Wear Only My Cheerleading Bodysuit and Pantyhose Around the House? 1

1. If I wear a bodysuit and pantyhose under my clothes, should I let any girls know?

Hell yes We girls need something to laugh at

2. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

Why is she making you wear 1? i do not understand the point of it... i feel really bad 4 you if u need 2 talk email me at Good Luck and Have a Great Day

Is It Inappropriate to Wear Only My Cheerleading Bodysuit and Pantyhose Around the House? 2

3. What age was your baby/toddler when you stopped using bodysuit vests with the poppers under the crotch?

About 8 months. I really liked them when she was a little bitty baby. And during her first winter I felt they were the best way to make sure her little tummy did not get exposed to the cold wind. But after that first winter - I just felt a t-shirt and shorts were easier to deal with at diaper change times. I am not sure what you are talking about by "normal vests." I put her in baby t-shirts / under shirts for most of the summer. When fall came I got some cute little jackets & pants and continued to put the t-shirt under them.

4. Where can I buy a bodysuit/leotard thingy like this?

maybe you will find the right one.

5. What is the difference between a bodysuit and a shape wear?

Hi Alan, my understanding of a bodysuit is a Blouse / Top with an attached panty. Shapewear is design to be an undergarment that helps you hold in or support muscles that are lost some of their strengths. So the shapewear is designed to assist you with that. It can be a standard full size panty or brief, or a high-waist brief coming up to just below the ribs helping with some of the tummy roll one might experience after having kids for not exercising as much as they should just as examples.. shapewear can also be a full top mid-drift and panties all in one to help in a person's posture. the shapewear can also be like a sports bra where is strictly the upper torso and upper back helping to bring the shoulders back into proper alignment along with the spine assist you in your posture. Shapewear can also be compression stockings or compression hose going to just below the knee or all the way up to the latest to help assist with loose muscle strength in certain areas.I hope I clarified some of the definition here for you to get a better idea of what is what.Take care and be well, LeaWhat is the difference between a bodysuit and a shape wear?.

6. I'm a boy and I love to wear things like leotard, bodysuit...?

okay is a leotard? haha if you are attracted to girls then you are not gay, but normal boy probably not but who cares everyone's weird in their own way

7. What would you say if a boy was wearing a bodysuit to school?

i would probably point and say HOMO i just looked at your other questoins and are one very creepy guy.

8. Can I use my free will to choose to wear an asbestos bodysuit when I get to Hell?

Do you have an asbestos body suit? If you do, that makes you officially too awesome to go to hell. Even God would have to say " be cool!"

9. Can I use my free will to choose to wear an asbestos bodysuit when I get to Hell?

Yes, and also use your freewill to make sure you have the right season and colors. Being unfashionable in hell is hell

10. where to find a bodysuit/leotard?

11. What can i wear with my lace bodysuit?

a skinny jeans and a boots looks sexy on this.. or a hot pink bra and hot pink miniskirt and hot pink stiletto looks cute

12. Why Do Girls/Women Wear The Stockings/Fishnets/Tights Under Their Leotard,Bodysuit & Skating Dress?

In dance it's because it looks better and evens out skin tone. Skating is partly the same reason as dance but also because it's really cold on the ice... and wearing the dresses they wear, you would be pretty cold. You wear tights under because they stay on better and you would look stupid if you wore them over. Under you either wear underwear or nothing. Yes it is true. It's because having panties hanging out the side of your leo looks highly unprofessional and it also looks tacky. Another reason is b/c you do not want panty lines showing through. That's why many people in these kinds of sports choose to wear thongs or they use underwear made for dance, etc.

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