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Is Pelvic Floor Abdominal Band Useful

After giving birth to a child, women will have more and more problems. Therefore, pregnant women will choose all kinds of shaping products, such as abdominal band, body shaping clothes, etc. the market also develops various types of products according to the needs of pregnant women. The pelvic floor abdominal band is aimed at the drooping of pelvic floor organs. Is the pelvic floor abdominal band useful

Is the pelvic floor abdominal band useful?

Is Pelvic Floor Abdominal Band Useful 1

the pelvic floor abdominal band is mainly used within 6 hours after delivery. It is used to compress the surgical incision, avoid a small amount of bleeding from the incision, slightly compress the uterine fundus, achieve the effect of compression and hemostasis, and can not help the pregnant woman repair her figure:

1. The postpartum abdominal wall muscles and pelvic floor muscles are relatively loose. If the abdominal band is used for compression, It may push the uterus that has not fully recovered mechanically into the pelvic cavity, resulting in pelvic floor muscle relaxation

2. The recovery of maternal body shape mainly depends on their own diet management. It is suggested that the postpartum diet should refer to the diet during pregnancy, match meat and vegetables, have reasonable nutrition, and do not eat too much sugar, salt and oil

3. Pregnant women should exercise more and avoid staying in bed for a long time. They can do pelvic exercises or postpartum yoga to help repair their bodies

Is Pelvic Floor Abdominal Band Useful 2

4. It is suggested that novice mothers adhere to exclusive breastfeeding for 4 6 months. First, enhance the relationship between mother and child. In addition, more nutrients are provided to the baby to avoid excessive weight growth, which is conducive to body recovery

due to the effect of hormones during pregnancy, the pelvis expands and widens the enlarged pelvis. During childbirth, the pelvic pubic symphysis is is extended. If the postpartum pelvis recovers poorly, there will be hip enlargement, crotch widening, and even O-shaped legs, low back pain and some gynecological diseases! The use of pelvic belt plays an excellent role in postpartum pelvic recovery, correcting body shape and preventing gynecological diseases

how to use:

generally speaking, mothers who give birth naturally can use it 2 3 days after delivery. Caesarean section takes about a week until the wound is restored. It can be worn for 8 hours every day, with moderate elasticity and avoid use at night. It also takes 2 months for the ligament to recover to its original hardness, so it is ideal to tighten the pelvis within 2 months after delivery. Adhere to the use can have better curative effect

Is the abdominal band useful

compared with the pelvic band, the abdominal band is well known by more mothers. This is also due to the merchants' spare no effort to publicize "what about postpartum big belly, fat accumulation, bucket waist and hip sagging? A belly band can perfectly solve the above problems!" there are still some functions. At least after wearing it, you will have a small waist immediately. Looking at the essence through the appearance, the abdominal band is not as magical as the publicity

1. Abdominal band to prevent visceral ptosis

the pelvic organs have not recovered within half a year postpartum, and the pelvic floor muscles that bear children kicked at the door after ten months of heavy burden have been seriously injured. Without saying a word, you put the abdominal band in your abdomen and increased the pressure on the uterus, bladder and rectum 120 times. They had nowhere to escape. Through the pelvic floor muscles, they saw a trace of light at the distant vaginal opening and collectively ran to the light. So, the tragedy happened... One day, when you take off the abdominal band, YD bulges, the uterus prolapses, the organs of the abdominal cavity are not in the normal position, and you lose the support of the abdominal band. You are overwhelmed

2. Accelerate lochia discharge

lochia, even if you don't need to tighten the abdominal band, it will still row. Generally speaking, it takes 4-6 weeks to remove lochia. If you use the abdominal band, it won't shorten this cycle. According to the action of gravity, the dew flows low. As a result, you can't flow if you want to flow. It may increase abdominal pressure and affect normal blood flow. Improper use may also affect the discharge of lochia...

so no Zuo no die let the body improve naturally and do less unnecessary tossing is to love yourself

3. Rapid recovery

close the waist and abdomen fat through the pressure of the abdominal band to avoid excessive fat accumulation. This seems to be right. Put on the abdominal band. Wow, it immediately became a small "waist" essence. As soon as you take it off, how can the fat run out again! They just rely on tightening their abdomen to achieve the visual effect of "shaping". Yes, it's visual effect. It's a psychological comfort. Because you don't consume, the fat won't be lost. It's just hidden in the corners strangled by the abdominal band, waiting for the bright day

can you restore your charming figure by the abdominal band alone? I can only say that you think too much! Everyone has the love of beauty, but it also needs to weigh the pros and cons and use it reasonably under the guidance of doctors. For mothers who already have prolapse and bulging symptoms, it's better to stay away from them

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