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Is Postpartum Wearing Slimming Clothes Good for Your Body

We can lose weight by wearing slimming clothes after childbirth, but we should also pay attention to that if the postpartum recovery is not good, we are not recommended to wear slimming clothes, so we must wait until our body recovers almost, and then wear slimming clothes, especially after the month. At the same time, don't wear thin clothes for too long, especially at night. Is it good for your body to wear thin clothes after so long

Is it good to wear slimming clothes after delivery?

Is Postpartum Wearing Slimming Clothes Good for Your Body 1

due to the relatively developed science and technology, the fabric of slimming clothes is not invariable. The traditional postpartum body shaping clothes are mainly made of spandex fabric. Because this fabric can accelerate the metabolism of the human body, the effect of body shaping is obvious, but it also has a big defect, that is, it is too tight. In this case, it is difficult for some female friends to stick to it for a long time, Too tight postpartum body shaping clothes will cause long-term compression on the skin, so it is recommended to wear them intermittently

at this stage, on the basis of traditional postpartum body shaping clothes, new fabric products have been developed. The main fabrics of these products are mainly copper ammonia fiber, modal and other natural extracts. The postpartum body shaping clothes of such fabrics are relatively expensive, not tight, and the body shaping effect is also good. During pregnancy, what you eat is often nutritious. Too many high calorie and high-fat things will accumulate in pregnant women, which is not good for pregnant women's health. Therefore, wearing body shaping clothes can effectively tighten the enlarged pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, prevent excessive sagging under the internal organs, and promote the self recovery of the uterus. It is a better article for recuperating the body

postpartum body wearing clothes are too long to cause harm:

extrusion breast, causing breast cancer plastic underwear generally through the middle to squeeze the breast on both sides to achieve breast enhancement effect, which will make the breast tightening, affecting the blood circulation of the breast part, resulting in the body can not timely discharge of toxins, easily lead to breast disease. In addition, plastic underwear is mostly fiber products with poor air permeability, which is more likely to cause breast eczema and nipple pruritus

Is Postpartum Wearing Slimming Clothes Good for Your Body 2

adolescent girls often wear body bound underwear, which can cause breast dysplasia and nipple depression. The reproductive system is easy to be disordered and often wears tight clothes and trousers. Due to the tight crotch and buttocks, sweat, vaginal secretions, leucorrhea and menstrual blood cannot be distributed in a wet and stuffy environment, stimulating the vulva and causing vulvitis; If skin abrasion causes dermatitis and bacterial reproduction, retrograde infection will induce vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, urethral infection, etc

wearing tights and trousers will affect the development of breasts and hips of adolescent girls during puberty, and bring adverse effects on future delivery and lactation. Cause indigestion and constipation. Because the body shaping underwear tightly wraps the abdomen, the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity are oppressed, and the internal organs and their nervous system are in a state of tension for a long time, which will lead to the continuous reduction of gastrointestinal function, the weakening of digestive system function, and finally constipation. Clinically, patients with hemorrhoids caused by long-term waist binding are also very common

What to eat after delivery

the most important thing is to drink some soup, but this soup can't be too light. It should be oily, such as ribs soup, beef soup, crucian carp soup and pig's hoof soup. This kind of soup will be easier to milk. On the other hand, pregnant women need more rest to ensure adequate sleep, which is also good for breastfeeding. It will increase the amount of milk and reduce the amount of milk when they are very tired every day. There is also a very important problem, that is, we should constantly suck milk out every day. In addition to allowing the fetus to eat, we can also take the initiative to suck out with a breast pump. How much milk we suck out every day will produce how much milk the next day. Only in this way can we have more and more milk

peanut: peanut can be used for spleen deficiency, nausea, edema, leucorrhea, anemia, various hemorrhagic diseases, lung dry cough, dry cough, postpartum lactation and other diseases. Loofah: loofah collaterals are a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. They are sweet in taste and cold in nature. If there is breast inflammation, there are lumps when sending milk, and the milk secretion is not smooth, traditional Chinese medicine will suggest that loofah collaterals be stewed in high soup, which can play the effects of regulating breast Qi and blood, promoting lactation and appetizing phlegm. Zizania latifolia: it is not only delicious and nutritious, but also contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins B1, B2, vitamin C and a variety of minerals. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Zizania latifolia is sweet and cold in nature, and has the effects of detoxifying heat, preventing thirst, promoting defecation and lactation. Now, Zizania latifolia, pig's hoof and boiled together have better lactation effect. Pea: pea, also known as green pea, is sweet and flat in nature and rich in phosphorus. It contains about 400 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams. Peas are beneficial to urinate, generate fluid, relieve sore poison, stop diarrhea and dysentery, and dredge milk. Green peas cooked light food or mashed and juiced with pea seedlings can be used to clear milk

tofu: tofu has the effects of Supplementing Qi and calming, generating fluid, moistening dryness, clearing heat and detoxifying. It is also a lactating food. Boiled with tofu, brown sugar and wine, you can make raw milk. Soup: it is said that there is enough soup, which is conducive to milking. You can choose different breast stimulating soup according to your mother's taste, such as Huasheng stewed pig feet, crucian carp soup, yam stewed hen soup, clear stewed black chicken soup, fermented egg flower soup, etc. But mom should be careful not to drink malt containing drinks such as malt milk essence, because it will lead to milk return. Black Sesame: black sesame contains a variety of essential amino acids. With the participation of vitamin E and vitamin B1, it can accelerate the metabolic function of human body; Iron and vitamin E in black sesame are important ingredients to prevent anemia, activate brain cells and eliminate vascular cholesterol. When my mother is well, she will be able to milk naturally

lettuce: lettuce is divided into leaf and stem, both of which are rich in nutrients. In addition to iron, other nutrients are that the content of leaves is higher than that of stems. Therefore, when eating lettuce, it is best not to abandon the leaves. Golden needle: golden needle is very rich in nutrients. Every 100g dry product contains 14 protein. 1 gram, which is almost similar to animal meat. In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins B1 and B2

Papaya contains a kind of papain, which has a high ability to decompose protein. Fish, eggs and other foods can be decomposed into nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the human body in a very short time, directly stimulating the secretion of the mother's mammary gland. At the same time, the nutritional composition of papaya itself is high, so it is also called papaya as milk melon. Maternal postpartum milk is scarce or not enough, which can be stewed with papaya and fish

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