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Is Slimming Clothes Good Or Bad

Most postpartum mothers are not very satisfied with their bodies, so they will want to wear body shaping clothes to achieve the effect of self-cultivation and body shaping. Body shaping clothes can make women's body lines appear more. Body shaping clothes can't be worn when eating and sleeping, and wearing body shaping clothes for a long time has certain harm. Is body shaping clothes good or bad

Is slimming clothes good or bad

Is Slimming Clothes Good Or Bad 1

women wearing slimming clothes have good and harmful effects. The good side is:

1. It can help us lose our small belly. Small belly is a problem for female friends. Wearing body shaping clothes can tighten our stomachs, increase our gastrointestinal pressure, speed up the discharge of garbage from our bodies, and prevent fat from accumulating on our stomachs

2. Body shaping is to improve the body shape by moving fat. The body shape will be well improved after wearing for a long time. At the same time, because the body shaping clothes have a binding effect on the body, they can help women control their appetite and achieve the effect of slimming

the harm is:

Is Slimming Clothes Good Or Bad 2

1. Women wear too tight underwear or body shaping clothes. Wearing too tight can compress neck muscles, blood vessels and nerves, involve cervical spine, cause cervical strain and hyperosteogeny, and then affect vertebral nerve and vertebral artery, resulting in numbness of upper limbs, sore neck and upper limbs, dizziness, nausea, chest tightness and discomfort

2. Wearing body shaping clothes often will cause harm to human body. Because tight underwear makes vaginal secretions accumulate, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases; The strong binding effect of body shaping clothes directly affects the blood circulation of many parts of the body, thus affecting the normal breathing movement and causing dyspnea

3. Long term wearing body shaping clothes to lose weight will change the position of kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity, affect the normal peristalsis of the stomach, reduce its function of digesting food and absorbing nutrition, lead to malnutrition and constipation, and induce hemorrhoids, anal fissure and other diseases

Precautions for wearing body shaping clothes

1. Do not wear body shaping clothes for more than 8 hours every day. Do not wear body shaping clothes under sleep, otherwise it is easy to cause poor blood circulation and endanger health

2. When wearing shaping clothes, the degree of tightness must be moderate. It can neither be too tight nor too loose. Too tight will easily lead to blocked skin blood, hair follicle inflammation and skin problems. Too loose will not have any aesthetic and plastic effect

3. When wearing body shaping clothes, the tighter the body is, the better the effect is. Too tight binds the body, which is easy to cause breast deformation, affect normal breathing, sweat excretion, difficulty in exercise, and even cause some disease hazards

4. The longer you wear body shaping clothes, the better. Long term compression will have adverse consequences on internal organs of the body, resulting in poor blood and poor metabolism

5. Although the sense of bondage of body shaping clothes can help people limit their appetite, it should be noted that the main function of body shaping clothes is to shape, not to lose weight, so don't place the hope of losing weight entirely on body shaping clothes

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