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It's Better to Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Delivery. How Long Can You Eat Pig Belly After Delive

In order to recover as soon as possible, some mothers choose to use restraint bands. Some mothers use body shaping clothes. So, in order to shape the body after childbirth, is it better to wear body shaping clothes, or to use it or to take it in? Let's have a look

It's better to wear body shaping clothes after delivery. If you want to lose weight easily after delivery, body shaping clothes have become the choice of many mothers. However, postpartum to experience a period of lactation, in this period of time can you really wear slimming clothes

It's Better to Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Delivery. How Long Can You Eat Pig Belly After Delive 1

it is recommended not to wear slimming clothes during lactation. Slimming clothes have a good shaping effect on the parts with large postpartum changes such as chest, abdomen and lower limbs, but for the new mother who is still in the stage of postpartum recovery, there is still a lot of stress in wearing slimming clothes

1. Don't rush to wear

don't rush to wear slimming clothes after lactation, or mainly loose cotton underwear, which is more conducive to the recovery of the body. Moreover, we should strengthen nutrition and ensure sufficient milk. We should wait until we don't feed before considering wearing slimming clothes and losing weight

2. The baby should wear slimming clothes after weaning

It's Better to Wear Body Shaping Clothes After Delivery. How Long Can You Eat Pig Belly After Delive 2

it is recommended to wear slimming clothes after weaning, and it is best not to take vigorous exercise to lose weight during lactation, but you can practice yoga and jogging at ordinary times

therefore, lactating moms should try not to wear slimming clothes! Moreover, during lactation, we must control the balance between supply and demand of our own energy and pay attention to nutritional balance. But some mothers can't help it. They can't start wearing it until their wounds recover to a certain extent

How long can you eat pig belly after delivery

some parturients have little milk or even no milk after giving birth to a baby, which is very unfavorable to the baby's health, and today's breast milk substitutes can't make people safe and assured to eat for the baby. Do you know what lactation is for parturients? The following mother's online encyclopedia will tell you what lactation mothers eat

1. Peanut can be used for spleen deficiency, nausea, edema, leucorrhea, anemia, various hemorrhagic diseases, lung dry cough, dry cough for a long time, postpartum lactation and other diseases

2. Loofah collaterals is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine with sweet taste and cold nature. If there is breast inflammation, there are lumps when sending milk, and the milk secretion is not smooth, traditional Chinese medicine will suggest that loofah collaterals be stewed in high soup, which can play the effects of regulating breast Qi and blood, promoting breast, appetizing and resolving phlegm

3. It is not only delicious and nutritious, but also contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins B1, B2, vitamin C and a variety of minerals. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Zizania latifolia is sweet and cold in nature, and has the effects of detoxifying heat, preventing thirst, promoting defecation and lactation. Now, Zizania latifolia, pig's hoof and boiled together have better lactation effect

4. Pea, also known as green adzuki bean, is sweet and flat in nature and rich in phosphorus, with a phosphorus content of about 400 mg per 100 grams. Peas are beneficial to urinate, generate fluid, relieve sore poison, stop diarrhea and dysentery, and dredge milk. Green peas cooked light food or mashed and juiced with pea seedlings can be used to clear milk

5. Tofu has the effects of Supplementing Qi and calming, generating fluid, moistening dryness, clearing heat and detoxifying. It is also a lactating food. Boiled with tofu, brown sugar and wine, you can make raw milk

6. It is said that the soup is sufficient, which is conducive to milking. You can choose different breast stimulating soup according to your mother's taste, such as Huasheng stewed pig feet, crucian carp soup, yam stewed hen soup, clear stewed black chicken soup, fermented egg flower soup, etc. But mom should be careful not to drink malt containing drinks such as malt milk essence, because it will lead to milk return

7. Black sesame contains a variety of essential amino acids, which can accelerate the metabolic function of human body with the participation of vitamin E and vitamin B1; Iron and vitamin E in black sesame are important ingredients to prevent anemia, activate brain cells and eliminate vascular cholesterol. When my mother is well, she will be able to milk naturally

8. Lettuce is divided into leaf and stem, both of which are rich in nutrients. In addition to iron, other nutrients are that the content of leaves is higher than that of stems. Therefore, when eating lettuce, it is best not to abandon the leaves

9. The nutrient composition of day lily is very rich. Every 100g dry product contains 14 protein. 1 gram, which is almost similar to animal meat. In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins B1 and B2

2. A pair of pig hoofs, 15g water bamboo, 10g Tongcao, simmered or cooked

3. Stew pig's feet or belly or tongue with peanuts, or cook porridge with peanuts and rice

4. Boiled silver carp with white gourd skin

5. Cook porridge with red beans and add brown sugar

6. Fresh carp soup or porridge with carp and rice

7. Stewed pig's feet with cauliflower or stewed chicken soup with cauliflower

8. Boiled fish soup with fresh shrimp and fresh papaya

prolactin traditional Chinese medicine

this kind of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. For example:

1, Wang buliuxing, Tongcao, pangolin, etc

2. Dandelion, trichosanthin, astragalus, etc

3. Finished products: rumule, gold rumule, Zengju cream, etc

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