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Just Keep Swimming: How One Woman Survived a Terrifying Night Stranded Off Shore

Lauren Conner laughed when she first slipped off the boat.

She, her boyfriend and another couple had spent Sunday afternoon drinking in sunshine and cold beer on the Sassafras River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. They began heading to the dock shortly before nightfall, but as the 21-foot Yamaha motored north through the Chesapeake Bay at 40 mph, the hull struck a wake so hard that Conner fell off the stern.

She immediately popped to the surface, unharmed but embarrassed that perhaps she'd drunk a few too many bottles of Flying Dog lager. Conner, 32, expected some teasing from her companions as she watched the boat stop and turn back toward her. At any moment, she was sure, they'd find her.

No more than 40 yards away, she screamed through the stiff wind. When that didn't work, she stripped off her white shorts and waved them.

Her boyfriend, Scott Johnson, frantically scanned the surface, but the fading sun betrayed him. The low light flashed across every wave, creating a kaleidoscope of false hope. Minutes passed, and he began to fear that she'd hit her head and sunk. Johnson called 911 and remained on the phone to navigate rescuers toward his position. He lit a flare and held it up as clumps of the fiery red substance dripped off, scorching his hand and head.

Meanwhile, Conner, now aware she was in serious danger, eyed a wide yellow buoy and swam toward it, hoping she could cling to the sides until help arrived.

Just as Conner realized that its shell was too slick to grip, the rescue boats drew near. She could see their blue lights flickering in the distance, so she pulled off her maroon tank top to flap in the air.

By then, though, it was too late. Darkness surrounded her.

With a dozen boats and a helicopter unable to find his girlfriend, Johnson began to fear he'd never see her again - and he blamed himself.

"What," he thought, "am I going to tell her kids?"

In so many ways, though, the life she'd endured - one consumed by chaos and death - had prepared Conner for the most harrowing night of her life.

Her will, she knew, wouldn't easily break.

Lauren Conner is a survivor."Just keep swimming"

She faced a choice: Tread water and hope she'd be rescued, or swim toward a strip of green on the horizon.

Conner still held the tank top from her CrossFit gym in her hand. An image of a warrior appeared on the back. The shirt was her favorite.

She let it go.

"Lauren," she said aloud, "you are not going to die out here."

Conner, now only in a bikini, headed for land, helped by a current that was drawing her toward it. Still, she had no idea that the beach was about two miles away - or whether her legs would give out before she reached it.

She recalled what she'd long told her children in moments of fear: "As long as you can float, you won't drown."

So, she rolled onto her back and started to kick.

Few things were consistent in her youth, other than the water. Both of her parents struggled with addiction, and her mom spent many nights in jail because of it.

Not long ago, Conner tried to remember how many different places she had lived as a kid. She quit counting around 40.

One of six children, Conner slept at times in cars, foster homes, her dad's office. Always, though, she would find her way to a pool or a river, a lake or a bay.

Her twin sister, Stefanie, thought of that, too, as she consoled Conner's 11-year-old son, Ethan Simpson. Much of the family had gathered after word spread about Lauren's disappearance. Stefanie had vomited when she first got the call but knew she couldn't let Ethan see her break down.

She reminded him what Conner always said - just keep floating.

"What if she's not floating?" he asked her. "What if she's under the water and they can't see her?"

Beneath a deep purple sky, Conner sang a tune from "Finding Nemo" - "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" - because it helped her focus on one stroke at a time. She joked to herself about how absurd the situation was, because jokes had always provided comfort in the worst times. She pleaded with Jesus to save her, because she believed He was listening.

Mostly, she thought about the four kids she calls her own: Ethan and his 15-year-old sister, her 17-year-old stepdaughter and Johnson's 5-year-old girl.

"I cannot let these kids down," Conner told herself, because she knew what it felt like to be let down.

She'd raised hell in her childhood, often because no one was around to stop her. But she changed as adulthood approached.

At 15 -a year before she had her first child


Conner's father was walking home from a bar in Baltimore when he fell from a train track and broke his neck.

At 18


soon after Conner had taken custody of her two younger siblings


her mother overdosed on heroin.

Conner didn't give up, even when people expected her to, because she couldn't let her kids down.

She went to cosmetology school and, in 2007, became a hair stylist. For the past seven years, she's worked for herself and now runs her own chair at a salon in Bel Air, Maryland.

"You just do what you have to do to survive," Stefanie said. "That's just the attitude we've always had."

But there were moments on the water, Conner said, when survival felt unlikely.

Her energy waning, she turned over at one point to see how far she was from land.

"I'm not even close," she thought.

As Conner paddled on, the waves grew, pushing her head beneath the surface and forcing water into her mouth. In brief moments, Conner sensed that she was drowning.

Then, suddenly, the tips of her left foot's toes felt something.


About midnight, Johnson said, Maryland Natural Resources­ Police brought him on shore, where he filled out an incident report.

About an hour later, he said, officers sent him home. By that point, at least four agencies were searching for Conner.

When he pulled up to their house in Aberdeen, Md., the lights were still on. He sat in his truck for 20 minutes, unaware that Stefanie had already picked Ethan up. Johnson couldn't bear to face him.

He knew, too, that Conner's family was struggling to understand his explanation about what had happened.

How, if she'd just fallen off, had no one found her?

"This is on me," he thought. "One hundred percent, this is on me."

He spent a sleepless night in their bedroom - her photo on the night table, her painted coconut from their trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic nearby, her Jeep Compass in the driveway outside his window.

Johnson answered every call from a number he didn't know, expecting to hear a voice tell him that Conner's body had been found.

About five miles away, Stefanie sat in the driveway of a friend's house and smoked a menthol 100. She typed out a text that she'd begun to doubt her sibling would ever read.

"Lauren. Sister," she wrote. "My twinny. My inspiration. My best friend. I love you."

She couldn't recall ever being more distraught.

"We lost our mom. We lost our dad," Stefanie said later. "That was nothing compared to this."

Conner had reached Spesutie Island's beach overwhelmed with relief but still unsure of her fate. Rusted white signs warned that the area, which is part of the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground, is used to test weapons.

Hoping to find someone, she walked north, climbing barefoot over rocks and fighting off swarms of horseflies. Exhausted, she made a bed of leaves - her "bird's nest" - on a concrete slab. Conner shivered so violently that her jaw hurt.

The moment reminded her of a winter in Baltimore when, around age 14, she slept one night in an abandoned building.

At sunrise, she walked back toward the beach. With no boats in view, Conner was heading into the brush when she spotted a raspberry bush. It was a good omen, she thought. One of her favorite childhood memories was picking them at her grand­mother's home in Pennsylvania.

Conner trudged farther inland, finally reaching a path that led to a road. Certain that her family believed she had died, Conner was desperate to reach them.

Minutes later, she spotted an orange truck driving toward her.

Then, the tears came.

Candy Thomson, spokeswoman for the Maryland Natural Resources Police, had been up for about an hour by then. As she made her coffee, Thomson formulated in her mind how she would announce the news of the year's sixth boating fatality.

Then a text from an investigator arrived.

"Girl found," the message said. "Can u believe it?"

Magda Jean-Louis contributed to this report.

Copyright: Washington Post

Just Keep Swimming: How One Woman Survived a Terrifying Night Stranded Off Shore 1

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Mum Drops Three Dress Sizes but Only Loses Less Than One Kilo
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8 Styles That Will Make Your Summer Shorts Look Cool - Times of India
8 Styles That Will Make Your Summer Shorts Look Cool - Times of India
The heat is on, and the mercury is set to rise further. How about scorching things up a little with your wardrobe as well? In keeping with the leggy weather, get out those itsy-bitsy shorts in denim, linen, lace or yes, even sequins, to that summer party. A substitution for the yoga pant, shorts exude flirty charm, hug the butt flatteringly and are apt to show off your tanned legs, too. Here's looking at different styles and how to wear them...WHICH ONE SUITS YOU BEST?Here are a few key styles of the summer fave...The Skort Here's a hybrid you will love. The skort - a pair of shorts with a flap over the front so it looks like a skirt - is a stylish notch-up to regular shorts. It has a sassy appeal and is seen on tennis players and golfers, too.Style hint: Depending on where you are heading to, wear the skort with sequinned flats, a strappy metal bag or a beach tote.Denim diva These hit the old-school nail on the head, alright...Remember shows like Mad Men? This season, you also can bring back the retro vibe with denim cutoffs. They can be worn short, knee or mid-thigh length and go with practically anything.Style hint: Goes with espadrilles, keds or loafers or even heels.Booty shorts Hot pants or booty shorts are meant for the gym or a lounge about at home and are all about going shorter with the style. Pick them up in colourful shades of purple, pink, orange etc.Style hint: These are super comfy shorts, but find one that suits your shape.Go striped Here's a style that can go from day to evening during the hot season. Striped shorts can add a smart, edgy vibe to the look and make for smart casuals at work. They can also be worn to a 'spa-rty'. Remember, clashing prints are out. Always wear them with a plain coloured top or T-shirt.Style hint: Accessorise the look with metal jewellery - try long chains, bracelets or bangles as well as thong sandals.High-waisted More comfortable with the high-waisted style? Don't worry, that isn't old-fashioned and passé. Also called 'longs' as opposed to shorts, these are very much in vogue. They show off a more elongated leg look. A simple tank top or cropped top go best with them.Style hint: Try a monochrome number with peach or cream high-waisted shorts and a matching jacket.Lace shorts Don a pair of lace shorts for some light, feminine charm. Best part is, these can be worn in a whole lot of vibrant hues like teal, yellow, orange, pink and red.Style hint: Our vote goes to classic white with a solid colour top, envelop clutch and sandals.Pool shorts Not quite the bikini, pool shorts are when you want to wear something longer at the pool and still look stylishly cool. Made from a stretchy fabric, these can be worn in a variety of colours and prints.Style hint: Since this is worn by the pool, the only accessory you might need are your glares. A beaded necklace and flip-flops are fun additions, too.Gingham styleA fave with Hollywood icons Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, the gingham print is peppy and chic at the same time. Bloggers love the trend and it's also huge on the ramp right now.Style hint: Wear red or blue gingham-checked shorts with a classic white top or tie-up T-shirt. Minimal jewellery and a pair of glares complete the look.
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