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Looking for a Flesh Colored Bodysuit for a Toddler?

I have seen them at walmart when my daughter was in gymnastics

Looking for a Flesh Colored Bodysuit for a Toddler? 1

1. Is it OK for a guy to wear a cheerleading bodysuit as underwear?

They might give you a skirt,and a bra and panties,and put you on the team

2. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

you should go discuss wif her calmly or find your dad.... Taking it off behind her back iz not good

Looking for a Flesh Colored Bodysuit for a Toddler? 2

3. Where can I get a dance leotard/bodysuit like this?

I agree with getting a tailor to make one, but I would be cautious with a snap crouch, it may open as you dance and expose what you have to the world

4. how do i dress down a lace bodysuit?

I love lace for day, but only when its used tastefully, so make sure you wear a cami underneath. To dress it down, you can wear it with jeans, a casual skirt, or neutral-colored (brown, khaki, black, white, grey) shorts/pants. You can also pair it with a comfy cardigan or light jacket. Wear simple, casual jewelry that is not too fancy (like pearls or big diamonds), otherwise it will overpower the look and make it look more night than day. Slip on some nice sandals, grab a bold/brightly-colored bag and you are good to go!

5. Would Justin Bieber look cute in a cheerleading bodysuit?

I guess because he does look like a girl

6. Where can I find black strapless bodysuit or something that will cover my stomach under my cheerleading unifor

I found a nice one at Fashion bug and it was not that expensive. Worked really well under my dress in my brother's wedding

7. Can I use my free will to choose to wear an asbestos bodysuit when I get to Hell?

Yes, but you will need to take some extra lungs with you

8. Can my baby wear a regular bodysuit to sleep or does she have to wear a sleeper?

your baby can wear anything you want them to to sleep! A bodysuit will be fine. Perhaps socks also if cold. My son sleeps in a diaper and blanket.. anymore clothes seems too hot for me right now

9. Please recommend me a a bodysuit/bathing suit for a boy?

Maybe lip? And shut up Alize, he would not want a nostril job. From you are previous question, shes the person who wants to get full on plastic surgery, unpleasant whore. Sorry, simply needed to inform her that

10. Under what circumstances would one need a bodysuit?

Do you mean bodysuit as in diving and surfing? Or did you mean a bodysuit as in skin tight outfit as women sometimes wear.If the first is what you meant then you need it if you like to scuba dive, surf in cold water, snorkel, or body surf you will want a bodysuit to protect you from getting hypothermia when in the water.If your talking about the latter, there is no practical or purposeful reason. Fashion is not about need its about looks, status, how it makes a person feel. Some men and women who enjoy fashion wear certain clothes because they want to wear them. Thats it. The clothing does not need to be practical or for a specific need. Fashion is not really about that. Under what circumstances would one need a bodysuit?

11. What age was your baby/toddler when you stopped using bodysuit vests with the poppers under the crotch?

I personally stopped at approx. 12 months for both my kids. More clothing options started to become available so I just started getting other things for them other then the bodysuits. Other then that there really was no particular reason. =)

12. I'm a boy and I love to wear things like leotard, bodysuit...?

Ok well I am pretty similar. If what all your saying is accurate, then you are not gay. You are also not a cross dresser. Its called a fetish. Every person has those little odd things that sets them off more than others, and that's what leotards, bodysuits, tights, and stuff do for you. If you like to wear it because it feels good or because you are imagining girls, then your not a cross dresser. If you are wearing it because you want to look more like a girl, then you are a cross dresser. Look it up: Leotard fetish. Very common. I think the statistic is that like 70% of guys that have it are completely straight. Its no different than someone having a foot fetish or a milf fetish. Its just that you like certain articles of clothing.

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