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My Mom Makes Me Wear a Bodysuit and I Hate, Is She Right?

you should go discuss wif her calmly or find your dad.... Taking it off behind her back iz not good

My Mom Makes Me Wear a Bodysuit and I Hate, Is She Right? 1

1. My mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I hate, is she right?

its your body not your mothers and you do not have to wear it if you do not want to...your mom might now approve but who's body is it hers or yours? who has control over what goes on your body?

2. I recently flew to Europe, wearing a tight black turtleneck bodysuit (leotard), boot cut jeans and suede booties. I got a few stares - why?

Because you are supposed to be in uniform like the other air stewardesses

My Mom Makes Me Wear a Bodysuit and I Hate, Is She Right? 2

3. What will my parents say if I wear a bodysuit and pantyhose?

Son, Your mother and I would like to talk to you. We would like you to start hanging with the Finklestein Boy, as you know he is an Eagle scout Something like that maybe

4. Do they sell the H&M Katy Perry bodysuit but for males?

No, I am sorry. They do not. Just wear a female bodysuit

5. Can my baby wear a regular bodysuit to sleep or does she have to wear a sleeper?

they are prob the same thing with a diff name; sleep n plays, pjs, etc...if it looks like pjs and has feet it will be fine

6. Bodysuit too short in body? Help!?

Does it close with hooks or snaps? Check at a fabric store and see if you can find a bra extender with the number of hooks you have in the crotch. If it's a snap closure, you might have to fabricate an extension yourself with snaps and a piece of spandex.

7. Can my baby wear a regular bodysuit to sleep or does she have to wear a sleeper?

your baby can wear anything you want them to to sleep! A bodysuit will be fine. Perhaps socks also if cold. My son sleeps in a diaper and blanket.. anymore clothes seems too hot for me right now

8. Which lace bodysuit should I get?

neither if you dont want to be taken for a slut

9. Midna costume? Spandex, long sleeved FULL bodysuit?

OK, I am wondering if you are talking about the Body Shapers like as in the lingerie dept ? I share a secret with you, If your gonna wear one, DON'T TELL anyone,

10. Is it inappropriate to wear only my cheerleading bodysuit and pantyhose around the house?

I do not think you are showing any respect to your dad or brother. Can you wear a pair of Jeans?

11. what do wear with a lace bodysuit?!?!?!!?

With a black lace body suit, you can match it by wearing: - black tights - black bra - black boots Make sure everything you wear is tight to accentuate the sexy of such a piece of clothing.

12. Are ripped jeans and a bodysuit cute and trendy for a Taylor Swift concert?

Yesss!!!!Are ripped jeans and a bodysuit cute and trendy for a Taylor Swift concert?

13. Ladies: While choosing what you're going to wear for your man, what are your thoughts on wearing stockings with a teddy (bodysuit)?

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! My thoughts on the above outfit is NEVER!!!! What this question does tell me is that you are some guy that expects women to fulfill your fantasies of them. You want a doll not a real lady or a relationship. And you are likely only interested in your own gratification...the most disappointing type of man.

14. Where can I find black strapless bodysuit or something that will cover my stomach under my cheerleading unifor

just do not wear anything underneath you will be fine

15. What age was your baby/toddler when you stopped using bodysuit vests with the poppers under the crotch?

They were all 14 months. I did not bother with normal vests as the weather where we live is hot all year round

16. Would a skin-tight latex bodysuit save me from indecent exposure laws?

hehe yeah I think you should be safe, but rather them dipping your self into a giant vat just get a catsuit

17. what should i wear with this long sleeve thong leotard/bodysuit?

I am thinking that would be cute and non ho like :). serious cuz when i first read the question i was going to answer with: A SMILE>>LOL but for real im thinking with the sports bra underneath and the converse it will take the ho out and put the cute in

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