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Odor Coming From Toilet Upstairs, No Leaks Anywhere Upstairs, Downstairs There Is a Large Spot on th

Change the wax seal, clean the bottom of the toilet and top of the flange so the wax adheres to it. PS..The wax never would rys', so you can test it right away.

Odor Coming From Toilet Upstairs, No Leaks Anywhere Upstairs, Downstairs There Is a Large Spot on th 1

1. if i ate this, would it be too much?

honey, working out for 2 hours and 20 minutes definitely merits more food than this, even as a recovering anorexic. your food content is really admirable, lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein, but there's not enough of it for the amount that you are working out. the banana with peanut butter--you should definitely eat it. if you are so worried about all the peanut butter, spread it on whole wheat toast (that will be about 1/2 to 1 tablespoon), and slice the banana on top of it. probably my favorite snack ever. either way you would be eating roughly the same amount of calories, but just different content. i would estimate your calorie intake at around 1400 max, and your calories burned, depending on your BMR (basal metabolic rate) to be somewhere around 3300, since you are working out really hard. a 1900 calorie deficit is not exactly healthy, especially for a recovering anorexic. in hospital recovery programs usually girls are required to eat 4000 calories a day with no exercise, so they can get back to a normal weight. i would add more fiber and sustenence to your dinner and snacks. try eating more protein-heavy foods, you are probably lacking. a whole wheat turkey sandwich, scrambled eggs (1 yolk, 3 whites) on toast with salsa, trail mix, brown rice with roasted vegetables and diced chicken...any of those foods are completely healthy, very sustaining, and high in the *healthy* fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals you've been missing. good luck with everything, and stay optimistic about your ability to recover :)

2. PCB prototyping with Presensitized copper boards

With these you just have to experiment, I would suggest putting the board fairly close to the lamp (20-50mm or so). I suggest you take one longish strip of photoresist PCB and put something on top of it that blocks UV light, then expose the strip while moving the UV blocker away at predefined intervals (say, every 10 seconds). What you will end up with is a PCB exposed in steps for different exposure times (10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s etc. ), then just pick the exposure time that gives off the best result.If it's a normal transparency sheet it should be fine. Printing to these with a laser printer works but this depends on your printer. Large areas of black might get overexposed but this depends on your printer. If your quality of black is bad you can print two sheets and align them on top of eachother.I have been using a 3% solution of NaOH (KOH works too) which seems to work well. You just basically move it around in the solution until it seems developed (black stuff comes off the board), usually it develops quite quickly (under 30s) but this depends on your solution. If your solution is too strong or you develop it too long it will strip off all the photoresist if you keep it in the solution too long. A solution not concentrated enough wo not successfully develop the board (again, 3% solution seems to work well). Washing the board under a faucet afterwards works well. You can continue developing after taking it away from the solution. You can actually even continue developing after etching the board a bit, just remember to wash the board. Putting the board in the etching solution shows you pretty well where the board has photoresist and where it does not , the copper exposed to the etching solution goes to this "dull" color/texture in under a minute in the etching solution.A board with the plastic shield SHOULDNT be affected by daylight but to be sure I would keep them in a place shielded from light (like a drawer).Btw. I would suggest you try to expose your boards with a 11W fluorescent table lamp (the ones with a "U"-shaped lamp, they should be pretty common and cost like 10e from Ikea). Put the lamp quite close to the board (like 50mm close, and have a thin plate of glass over the board to keep the mask close to the board). You can get suitable plate of glass from picture frames (again, Ikea is a good place to get these), just make sure its real glass and not plastic. Expose for 12-15min (I've used 13,5min for my boards and setup). I have been using this method succesfully for a long time. Wo not work for large boards due to the lamp being so narrow but for small boards it works well

Odor Coming From Toilet Upstairs, No Leaks Anywhere Upstairs, Downstairs There Is a Large Spot on th 2

3. what do you like to wear to school?

I like to wear sneakers with jeans, a polo or a sports jersey, and a fitted. When it's cooler, I will wear a hoodie or a jacket on top of my shirt, and then once it's cold, I will wear boots instead of sneakers.

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