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Postpartum Can Eat Watermelon, Postpartum Which Kind of Body Shaping Clothes Is Good

Watermelon is a common fruit in summer, because it has a better effect of reducing summer heat, and there is more water in watermelon, so eating watermelon properly can not only relieve summer heat, but also supplement the water needed by the body. So can you eat watermelon after childbirth? What kind of body shaping clothes are good after childbirth

Can I eat watermelon after childbirth

Postpartum Can Eat Watermelon, Postpartum Which Kind of Body Shaping Clothes Is Good 1

it is generally not recommended to eat watermelon during confinement. If pregnant women really want to eat, they can eat a small amount in summer. Because watermelon is cool, during confinement, pregnant women are weak and should not eat more. It is appropriate to eat less

confinement has many taboos. Some greasy, cold and irritating foods cannot be eaten. For a balanced diet and better absorption of nutrition, experts suggest postpartum mothers to eat some vegetables and fruits, which can prevent postpartum constipation. Watermelon can be called the "king of melons". It tastes sweet and juicy, refreshing and thirst quenching. It is a good fruit in midsummer. In addition to fat and cholesterol, watermelon contains a lot of glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acids, lycopene and rich vitamin C. It is a nutritious, pure and safe food

pregnant women should eat more fruits rich in vitamins and dietary fiber during confinement. Such as apple, fresh orange and caramel. Although fruits should be eaten, they should not be eaten indiscriminately, especially mothers who choose breastfeeding. They must first understand the nature of fruits before eating. Too cold food should not be eaten during the most pregnant period. If it is summer, watermelon can be eaten. Eating an appropriate amount of watermelon will not hurt the spleen and stomach, but also promote appetite, which is beneficial to health. However, don't eat too much, because watermelon is cold. During confinement, pregnant women are weak, and eating more will hurt their health. It is appropriate to eat less

What kind of body shaping clothes are good after childbirth

in fact, here, we should remind you that mothers need appropriate cultivation after childbirth. After delivery, you don't have to worry about abdominal retraction. At this time, during lactation, no matter how abdominal retraction is useless, because you still need a lot of food to feed your children, so you can consider which method is suitable for yourself only after the end of lactation. Generally, the abdominal band can be used after delivery, which can promote the recovery of body shape and prevent the sagging of internal organs. Usually pay attention to rest. Body shaping clothes have poor air permeability, so it's best not to use them

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