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Purchase Method of Radiation Protective Clothing for Pregnant Women

It is very important to choose a suitable radiation protective clothing for pregnant women! Buy right, wear comfortable. So what's the way to buy your own anti radiation clothes? Mom's Encyclopedia now teaches you.

1. First, judge whether the radiation protection clothing with super protection is needed

It is generally recommended that pregnant women with more than 20 computers in the computer room or working environment wear super protection. Super radiation protection clothing generally refers to the silver fiber radiation protection clothing with a content of more than 50%, and the radiation protection clothing with all silver fiber knitted fabric has the best effect. The general protective effect of radiation protection clothing is about 25% of metal fiber, and the metal fiber of radiation protection clothing with high degree of protection is generally more than 30%.

2. Choose style

When preparing for pregnancy, you can wear a belly pocket first, but once you are pregnant, you must wear a style that can be prevented before and after. On the one hand, it is to ensure that electromagnetic waves do not invade from behind and harm your baby. On the other hand, you should also protect your spine.

3. Fabric selection

Metal coated or silver fiber coated fabrics generally feel hard and have poor air permeability. Do not wash. The semi silver fiber blended fabric or all silver fiber knitted fabric adopts silver ion infiltration technology, which has good air permeability and can be washed directly. In addition, metal fiber blended fabrics are also a good choice.

4. Look at the size

It's not good to be big or small. A fit is the best. All major radiation protection clothing brands have launched as many radiation protection clothing in line with various body shapes as possible after investigation and experiment.

5. Look at the price

For expectant mothers and babies, we can't choose radiation protective maternity clothes with low price. Some radiation protective maternity clothes are very cheap, but there is a saying that wool comes from sheep. It's normal to be appropriately cheaper. However, if it is too cheap, it is naturally the difference in product quality. We should first compare the quality and then the price.

Purchase Method of Radiation Protective Clothing for Pregnant Women 1

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