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Running Three Screens (laptop and 2 External Monitors)

I have a very similar xrandr listing on my Latitude e3660, and tried much the same thing using the 12.04 normal display configuration thingy - no dice.Activating the laptop screen LVDS1 and committing just gave me a weird dialogue box that repeatedly tried to draw itself while it gradually drifted down the screen, and never filled in the body of the window - just showed the background through. It stayed around after I cancelled the display configuration thingy (without saving the change) until it escaped off the bottom of the screen and I restarted my login session to make sure it did not get anywhere interesting - should probably report it as a bug.With a feeling it was a limitation of available video memory and/or trying to have a display that's too wide for the chipset, I tried stacking the screens on top of each other, reducing their resolution to fit into the original two large screen footprint, but... nope

Running Three Screens (laptop and 2 External Monitors) 1

1. how do you read this ? i dont understand ?

Well, you take a large pot, put a brick in it. and on top of the brick you put a bowl (which has to be strong towards heat)... You put the rose petals you have in the pot until it reaches the brick and pour water on it... (The water should be just above the top of the brick.) Then you place the lid upside down, turn the stove on , bring water to boil, then again lower the heat... when the water starts to boil put some ice cubes on the lid. so basically the water inside will evaporate and the because of the cold lid it will condense. and it will drop back into the bowl... and you will have your rose water (in the bowl). ///

2. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! want points?

How about a small nutella and marshmallow fluff sandwich? Or s'mores with some added peanut butter maybe? If you are looking for something slightly healthier but still sweet, maybe jell-o, layered with pudding, whipped cream on top with some sprinkles? You could always experiment with cookies! Just throw a bunch of yummy things into cookie mix. :)

Running Three Screens (laptop and 2 External Monitors) 2

3. Is it better to buy a stroller car seat instead of a normal car seat? What are some good models?

Since it's better for a baby to lay flat in a stroller, it's better to get a stroller that lays flat, or use a baby-chest carrier (Moby Wrap, Ergo, etc) until they are old enough to sit up propped in a slightly inclined stroller. Since the strollers that have car seats put on top have to be made so they wo not tilt over, I really do not like them. They tend to be bulky and hard to maneuver. Car seats are better when left in the car. As well put by others, there is no shopping cart that is built to hold a car seat and the current recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics is to not use a shopping cart at ALL due to the dangers (especially for those under 5.) Again, a good chest carrier will work better. I like infant seats though, when you can afford to move to a good convertible and keep them rear-facing until 2-4 years old once they are old enough. I believe the angle and shell is better made for protecting the infant (I could be wrong, but I simply prefer it.) If money is a concern, then I recommend just going to a convertible car seat that will go to a high forward weight as well. Avoid 3-in-1s that have booster seats to grow into, unless you know the booster seat is a best bet by the IIHS then it's better to just try to get a seat that will forward harness to 65lbs (Britax goes to 70, so does an Evenflo if I am not mistaken, and the Radians go to 85lbs) than to try and get one that will booster.

4. Answer these 12 random questions!?

one million: have you ever seen the action picture Stand by Me ==== confident 2: what style of music do you pay attention to?==== something yet rap and jazz especially plenty! 3:what is your fashionable band/ artist?=== uncertain... 4: who's your action picture star overwhelm?== Sam Huntington for some reason, uncertain why! 5: What shade hair do you have?==== dark brown 6: Whats your fashionable nutrients?=== Crab puffs! 7: Whats your fashionable variety of ice cream?==== mint chip 8: fashionable action picture?==== Secondhand Lions 9: Age, top, Weight?=== 17, 5'one million", weight is a secret! 10: Do you think of the variety of music you pay attention to impacts your habit?= perchance, confident 11: Do you think of video games make human beings extra violent?= regularly no. 12: Do you have a bf/gf? === no

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