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What About Cutting Shoulders?

It is well known that shaping clothes generally have a binding effect. Some people will feel comfortable in shaping clothes, while others will feel flustered in shaping clothes. Different people feel different. What about cutting shoulders

What About Cutting Shoulders? 1

shaping clothes cut shoulders. We first need to check whether the shaping clothes cut shoulders due to improper wearing methods. So how to wear the shaping clothes

1. The shaping clothes should be worn after wearing underwear and underwear. We roll the shaping clothes from inside to outside to look like small shorts

2. Then put your feet deep into the trouser tubes of the shaping clothes, slowly lift the shaping clothes from bottom to top to the position of the hips until the hips are completely wrapped

What About Cutting Shoulders? 2

3. Slide the palm along the thigh to ensure that the shaping clothes are flat, and then pull the fat on the inner thigh close to the buttocks, which can have the effect of lifting the buttocks

4. Slowly pull the shaping clothes up to the chest, and then smooth the shaping clothes with the palm of your hand. Next, put your arms in the shaping clothes

5. Straighten the upper body and gather the fat around the breast in the cup to avoid the phenomenon of accessory breast strangulation

6. Try squatting several times to ensure the comfort of underwear. At the same time, it can also make the shaping clothes fit better with the crotch

the shoulder cutting of shaping clothes is usually because the shaping clothes are too tight. We can try to pad a piece of soft cloth or sponge at the shoulder cutting place. You can also choose to change to a larger size

What about cutting shoulders with shaping clothes? You already know how to solve it. If you want to buy shaping clothes, you can contact the official customer service of u slim brand, and we will bring you an answer at the first time

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