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What Are Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes

In order not to affect breastfeeding, mothers can manage their bodies with body shaping clothes one month after delivery. Body shaping clothes are functional clothes that cling to the skin and shape the human body into a good curve. Now the quality of body shaping clothes on the market is mixed, and mothers are worried about buying useless products. So, what are the postpartum body shaping clothes

What are the advantages of postpartum body shaping clothes

What Are Postpartum Body Shaping Clothes 1

postpartum wearing body shaping clothes has certain benefits, and pregnant women can wear them appropriately according to their situation. If you are still in confinement, don't wear body shaping clothes for the time being, because body shaping clothes will cause pressure on the body, which is not conducive to blood circulation, thus affecting the recovery of the body. Pregnant women should wait until they have fully recovered before wearing body shaping clothes. In addition, pregnant women should control the time when wearing body shaping clothes, and they can't wear body shaping clothes for 24 hours

although the recovery of postpartum body shape is very important, it is still recommended not to buy body shaping clothes after delivery, because if you wear body shaping clothes during confinement, it will have a great impact on the recovery of mothers and the baby's lactation, and it will also make mothers feel very tired. Therefore, after production, try not to use body shaping clothes. If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, you can wrap your abdomen with gauze, which will be more comfortable and conducive to the recovery of the uterus

when choosing body shaping clothes, it is best to choose clothes that can evenly fit all parts of the body. Don't choose those body shaping clothes with too strong elasticity. In order to achieve a good weight-loss effect, the body shaping clothes must have a stable size. It's best to understand clearly before buying, see its recovery speed, and choose the body shaping clothes with micro elasticity as much as possible

the causes of postpartum obesity are related to the changes of hormones. Therefore, before treatment, postpartum obese patients should not only do general examination, but also conduct some detailed hormone analysis. Or use natural organic products with structure similar to maternal placental hormone to assist fat metabolism, the effect is very significant

Can you wear body shaping clothes during lactation

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1. If there is no abnormal lochia after spontaneous labor and the pain caused by uterine reduction is within the normal range, you can wear body shaping clothes after spontaneous labor. Body shaping clothes can only be worn when lochia is normal and uterine contraction is normal. Because the body shaping clothes have a certain pressure on the body to tighten the fat and loose meat, and the uterus returns to the non pregnant state six weeks after delivery, the use of body shaping clothes or restraint bands during this period will help to repair the uterus

2. The best time to recover six months after cesarean section is to wear body shaping clothes. Because we have to wait for the wound on the caesarean section to heal, the energy consumed and the role of endocrine will put the body in a state of high metabolism. Moreover, the wound recovery after caesarean section takes a certain time. Wearing body shaping clothes too early is easy to lead to wound inflammation and poor recovery. If you don't wear body shaping clothes until the wound of caesarean section is healed, it will be effective to help the displaced internal organs return during pregnancy and accelerate the discharge of lochia

3. When wearing body shaping clothes after delivery, pay attention to ventilation to prevent excessive heat and sweat from causing wound inflammation. It's best not to use one-piece body shaping clothes. One-piece body shaping clothes are not conducive to perineum care in puerperium and the removal of lochia. After childbirth, you must pay attention to changing and washing frequently to keep dry. And postpartum body shaping clothes should not be worn for too long

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