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What Are Some Good High Top Tennis Shoes? Or Regular Tennis Shoes?

Frankly speaking I would suggest you to try k swiss trainers, here I am giving you a link where you can see a collection of tennis shoes, as a tennis player I am also using k swiss trainers, please see source

What Are Some Good High Top Tennis Shoes? Or Regular Tennis Shoes? 1

1. What do you wear with high top converse?

Okay, i luv converses and I love this question cuz its soo easy for me!!! Things you can wear converses with: Jeans (skinny, regular, super skinny,) NOT BOOTCUT Tights Leggings Skirts Dresses Shorts Khakis You can wear converses with pretty much everything except pants that have a large cut (aka bootcut jeans, yoga pants,etc) When I wear Converses, i wear the pants OVERTOP the shoes..........all the people i know do that..............thats pretty much what i have to say!!!! P.S. I own like 5 pairs of converses P.P.S Hope you look great!! P.P.P.S What colour r yours????

2. cute outfits with white high top converse?

a top hat

What Are Some Good High Top Tennis Shoes? Or Regular Tennis Shoes? 2

3. where can i buy cheap high top converse allstar sneakers?

There is no difference with the guy and girl hi-tops. Journeys - $39.99 - $45.00 - $29.99 (the entire site is having a sale, all shoes are 25% off, or so the site says) Good luck! :)

4. Anyone know where to get some high-top shoes?

well converse would probaly be your best option. there not very high priced and you can get them cheap at rackroom or shoe carnival if you have one of those. Also if you want realy cheap ones payless has fake converse by air walk and there like 15 dollars.

5. do you have to be skinny to wear high top converse?

absolutely not! Mr. T wore them all the time and you know he's much more bulkier and thick than you are. and they looked darn cool on him. work your converse!

6. Is it okay to wear high top nikes with shorts?

I wear my nikes with shorts; bermudas or even short shorts; all the time, I think it will look fine, and your shorts even match your shoes which makes it look better. Actually, alot of people wear hightops with shorts so you wo not look retarded. Hope I helped :)

7. Low cut converse or High top converse?

Personally I like both high tops and low tops. I find that low tops are easier to put on but when I wore high tops I would replace the laces with shorter ones and then not actually tie the laces. For durability and comfort, both the highs and lows are pretty much the same in my opinion. Converse tend to wear out in the heel area the most (rubbing away the lining) but no more than in other shoes. Hope this helps :D

8. Xtra high or high top converse?

i made a black splatter painted shirt! it seems so cool! i want i viewed that final 12 months! (my 8th grad 12 months) i wore a gown from city for formal with black communicate. so my form! i think of it incredibly is an exceedingly unusual concept! identity pass with xtra severe tops instead of the boots. its extra classic communicate

9. High top converse and skinny jeans?

Do not wear converse with skinny jeans unless you are a dude. If you are a girl wear ballet flats. It's way cuter. :3

10. High Top Converse with Shorts?

Careful when wearing high tops because they can make your calves look weird. The folding down might help with this. You can wear shorts and high tops and it will look fine

11. how to translate *high top shoes* *shoulder pads* *leg warmers* in french?

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12. where can you buy very cool nice high top nike skate shoes?

Try going to Pac sun, or try the 'skateamerica' website. Good luck!

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